Monday, March 4, 2013

Rebonding: is it good to our Hair?


Most girls will spent everything just to tame their hair, and the most popular among them is rebonding that costs thousands of bucks for the sake of beauty. Even yours truly have fall in the trap, but if I can turn back the time I’ll stay away with it.

My hair is naturally straight ever since the world began but I had this crazy idea to semi-perm my hair but after months I decided to change it again into straight but this time all parlors that I went through suggest to rebond my hair even if I wanted was a simple formula to straight my hair. And to cut the story short I ended up in rebonding.

Rebonding is a disastrous thing that happen for me, I didn't know that I need the whole day for my hair to get done, a hell in waiting of hours, a hell of bad smell that has been soak in my hair, a stingy sensation in my scalp and a numerous pulling out of my hair with hot iron. And it is not the end of it all there’s a lot of don’ts that I need to follow or else the process will not be successful: don’t washed hair for 3 days, no ponytails, no clipping hair behind the ear, don’t sleep in it and don’t lean in it, I am actually shouting mad in my head when I learn about it.

As a result I increase the falling of my hair it is easily falls during combing, sitting or lying on the bed. I also experience frizzy and rubberized underneath of my hair even if I conditioned and moisturized it fully. My friends’ complaint that they are now starting to get bald after rebonding because beautician says it needs to retouch after a year which will worsen the condition of their hair, another hell inside of the parlor and the cycle once again begin.

So, will you still undergo rebonding if it means also getting bald after several years; note that rebonding use a strong chemical treated formula to straighten your hair which will damage your natural cuticle of hair just to straighten it. 


  1. I think I'll just stick with my straightening wand!

  2. hair relaxing or hot oil is fine with me :) and yes, hair coloring once every 2-3 years :)
    i buy stuff at watsons and diy my hair, most of the times. tipid :)

  3. Ito nga sinasabi ko sa ate ko, stop rebonding na kasi nakakakalbo!