Sunday, March 10, 2013

Likas Papaya Soap Review


Finally I was able to get Likas Papaya soap and I can’t believe that I can only get it here in our local pharmacy. I still haven’t use the AbsoluteWhite that my mom bought after she can’t get Likas Papaya soap in the city and I am thinking of giving it away since I find a place to buy my Likas Papaya for my continuous regimen.

Authenticity of Likas Papaya Soap.
Anyway after searching for reviews over the net and finding some feedback from the user of Likas I learned that this soap costs Php 80.00 or $2 in the Philippines but it cost more than $7 to $8 abroad and in online store like Amazon and Ebay. But I only bought it for Php 75.00 so I can’t help but ask the owner of the pharmacy if it is just a fake soap (warning: this soap can be easily copied and sold as fake Likas Papaya soap). I was guaranteed that the soap is 100% original and they don’t sell product, she also added that fake soap has no super brands title and hologram plus it will sure sold below Php 40 only. 

My verdict.
Back to soap, well I can see some changes now after days of continuously using it, especially on face which really lighten my face and effectively removing dirt and oil. I also notice that it easily heals my pimple and lighten some marks though it is not that remarkably erasing it, maybe it will for longer and continuous use. The soap itself doesn’t melt easily like Kojicsoap and other whiteningsoap does, so I guess it will last longer like 3 to 4 weeks of using.  

I will update you again after months of continue using and hoping that I get the best result. See you then!


  1. I've never heard of this soap at all. I am guessing it's something geographically regional.

    1. search it in youtube there's a lot of review coming from other country it is made in the Philippines but sometimes it is available in any Filipino stores abroad or you can check out ebay and Amazon

  2. For me I guess whitening soap usually effective if you're applying it on the face. But as for me I don't apply it on my face kasi very sensitive and ayaw ko unang nagwhiwhite ang face kaya inuuna ko sa body ko since it's effects take time. Before nung ginagamit ko yan or any papaya soap I apply 3 times para effective un nga lang nauubos siya agad hehe Let me know if effective siya sayo :)

  3. Heard positive reviews about Likas papaya for a long time but i haven't tried the soap, maybe after another update from you :)

  4. Never heard of this, but great review so I"m going to see if I can find it locally

  5. a lot were saying this is a good product, hope I can remember to grab one. :)