Saturday, March 2, 2013

How to Treat Diarrhea Naturally and Without Medicines


Having a diarrhea can be irritable not only it will make you weak and feel helpless it can also cause death to infants and dehydration for adult. If you experience intense pain in the stomach and frequent intestinal bowel movement of loose and watery stools and usually occur 3 to 5 times a day, then you are suffering from diarrhea. You can treat diarrhea by taking medicines but it may also interfere your body’s natural way of draining toxins out of your body, but this is only advisable in mostly adult person teens and below age should be treated by the doctor and take prescriptions medicine or over the counter medicine.

Below are some of the natural ways to treat your diarrhea naturally:

1. Water therapy. Drink lots of water and make sure that the water is safe and clean or you will worsen your condition by contaminated water. It will replenish the loss fluids and can prevent dehydration; it will also serve to provide ample amounts of electrolytes needed by the body.

2. Avoid eating solid foods and eat more with soups food. Solid foods cannot digest properly in your stomach while having a diarrhea and it is advisable to give your digestive system a rest by consuming soups or broth for the mean time.

3. Take a rest and apply some heat in your stomach area to lessen the discomfort and pain in the stomach. You can do this dipping a towel in warmed water, squeeze excess water and put it in your stomach.

4. Let it go very often. If you feel the need to dispose it then do it frequently, fewer toxins speeds up healing process and enable your body to naturally fight the bacteria.

5. Continually drink water.

These tips are actually few but believe me following these simple tips will make you feel better and healthy in no time and be back with your usual diet.

Note: If symptoms persist you should go to the hospital and be treated by doctor.


  1. this is timing post because I am having diarrhea right now

  2. Yeah, drinking water with electrolytes can help treat diarrhea! <3

  3. This is some great advice. I don't get it very often, but all of thse over the counter medicines never help me!

  4. Wow this is great drinkin water great tip.

  5. So lots of fluid? Gotcha! I'll keep that in mind next time I have to suffer through an achy mess.

  6. Its worth it to do home remedies first before using medicine. It's safer.


  8. Thanks for the tips and tricks :) I'm always looking for way to be greener, or more organic!

  9. Thanks for the tips. My little one had the diarrhea few days ago. Another tip I learned is to avoid dairy products until diarrhea is gone