Sunday, March 17, 2013

Charice New Look: Boyish

Charice newest look that is more lesbian now
It seems like Charice Pempengco ended all the rumors about her gender by posting the picture above. Her new look always burst out controversy especially when she change her look back in 2012 to be more edgy and K-Pop look see the link.

According to Charice Pempengco‘s new look for 2013, as shown in the photo above, prompting speculations that she might be a lesbian. And of course to all of these controversies her mother were not happy at all.

A Chaster’s fan named Jamie Anne Peters was also dragged in the issue whom is also allegedly girlfriend of Charice, which Mommy Raquel was so furious about.  

I wonder how will this affect to Charice's career that as of this moment no press release about the issue from her side. 


  1. Nakita mo na ba ang picture ni Jamie Ann Peters?

  2. pabagsakin tong site na to! NOW NA!

  3. Aww she looks like a boy here. Is he really lesbian now?

  4. She looks like Ariel Pineda!!

  5. another aiza sequerra? i wonder how this "coming-out-in-the-open" will affect my youngest daughter's adoracion for her.

    (my connection's slow, the reason why i can have time to browse and comment while doing bloghops haha)

  6. OMG. This is so so so bad. I'm no sexist but seriously, Charice? Hahahahahahha!

  7. I hate to say this but she ruined her career i supported this very talented girl since she was 13 or 14 i bought her cd's attented her concerts even im from different region i spent money, time and effort but look at her now? I tried to convince my 12 yr old kid and even my 10 yr old daughter to be one of the chasters now they are telling me u want us to idolize charice full of tattoos and i told them i was wrong coz i thought she is a good example to my children the sweet little girl and you can hear the voice of an angel when she sings gosh i cant believe what is happening to her even her collar bone has tatts charice if your reading this change before its too late listen to your own mother be a good example and inspiration to the young ones. prove to all those crabs they are wrong And i still believe in you be strong like a pyramid God bless u and mom raqs