Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Big and Tall Clothing


Hi Ladies, if you find it hard to find any gift for your man that not only is affordable but also a thing that he will surely love and use it for a longer time, then this article is dedicated to you (us). I know I've been there before wasting my time finding a perfect gift for my hubby and also wasting money since after I gave it to him it is either torn easily or store in the cabinet. It’s actually regretting that he didn't enjoy it though he appreciates my effort it is still rewarding for us girls to know that what we give were very useful by him. Some of the gifts that he didn't use it fully are expensive pens, customable mug, bag and bracelet. The latter is the worse of them all can you imagine this, I gave him a bracelet in the morning and after dinner the bracelet is gone and missing, I guess my hubby don't like accessories and to put on some style.

 Okay fast forward, I recommend that you scout at Big and tall Clothing some of the shirts were sale and fashionably manly too. Their Brand includes Pennant, Hanes, Columbia and more which is a good brand for men’s clothing.  Their collections are under shirts, work shirts, or warm long sleeves and sweaters that actually wore also by Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner in their franchise movie Breaking Dawn.


  1. My hubby is a big and tall guy and I usually get his shirts at JCPenney, but we do buy through catalogs too.

  2. i have to get my brother clothes at a big and tall place he is over 400 ad then wear up to 5 x

  3. Thanks for this article, it is so hard to find clothes for my dad, I will indeed share this information with my mom,.