Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Absolute White Derma Orange Peel


Actually it wasn't my intention to get this soap absolute White I just ask my mom who is also going in the city to buy me a Likas Papaya soap, a lightening soap that actually exist even when I was a little girl. I always hear it on my guardians and neighbors that this soap is effectively whiten skin or proven soap to fade dark spots in the skin.

But because my mom can’t find Likas Papaya soap she just get any kind of whitening soap in the store called Absolute White. I use this soap before though it is effective it gives a drying sensation on the skin that can gave you a tolerable itch. I still can’t decide if I will use this soap again or return for other items. I’ll update you guys if I decided to use this soap Absolute White: Derma Orange Peel or not.


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