Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tips to Look Slimmer in a Photo

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Social media like Facebook and Twitter are one of the great influences that make us want to get photograph or be part in the photos. But don’t you hate it when after all the photos have been uploaded in your account or someone tag you in a pictures you’ll feel embarrassed or upset because you look fat or look bloated in the photos. Well, here are some simple tricks to look good and slimmer on your next photo and save yourself from the feeling of down and not confident because of a bad photo.

1. Stand up straight or pull your body upward, avoid being photograph in your usual couch position or hunchback shyness, chin-up and tuck in your stomach.

2. Then turn your position in a sideways of the camera.

3. Gently turn your upper body and face on the cam leaving your lower body still in the side way.

4.  Put your hands at your hips or just below the waist. Give some space between your curve area and your arms; this will give you an illusion of more slimmer and slender in a photo.

5. Point your other toe straight on the camera, just like what usually beauty queen does, this will slim your legs in the photo.

Practice these tips in-front of your tripod and camera until you perfected your correct pose for your fabulous photo. Avoid also being photograph below level or under your height. Smile naturally and do not say “cheese” which will give you chipmunk cheeks. Keep also in mind that wearing dress in one color can help slim our body in a photo.


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