Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bridal Gown: Rent or Buy Your Own?


It is common that the traditional wedding requires the bride to wear an all white princess-like bridal gown.  Believe it or not most brides’ gives special attention to their dress on her most special day of her life that’s why sometimes looking out and scouting for a bridal gown is the hardest decision to make or choose the right one for her.  And we cannot blame them because we all grown up to admire all brides that can take our attention once they walk on the aisle. Not to mention the influence of past weddings, media, social network and published works that emphasize mostly the brides as the center of attraction in the event. But the question is will you settle for a rent or buy your own bridal gown?

Buying your own Bridal Dress.

Of course if you had a budget for your bridal gown then you are free to buy it. But you need to understand that the price of its gown has an equivalent quality and desirable design, the more it was cheaper then most probably you’ll get the value of its style and design and the more it was elegant and fabulous then surely it can hurt your pocket too. Plus you need to find a way to restore it properly after you have use it so that you can handed it over to your successor, just wished that it wasn't outdated by the time it will be use again.

Buying over renting has an advantage too, it can assure that the design was only meant for you and you don’t need to worry to accidentally torn out your dress during the reception. Some couples that use beach as the venue can make use the dress until it was toss down on the water during post pictorial which can give a very entertaining results in their wedding album.


bridal-dress-wedding-gownThere’s nothing wrong with renting, even yours truly have rented bridal gown and hand it over to the shop owner as soon as my wedding ends that day. I chose practicality because I need to budget my wedding plus I don’t like storing dress that can only use once and since bridal dress can be rented so why not opt one. I knew that shops often change gown from time to time and update their collection because as the time goes by no one want to steps into a shop that offers same menu that can be seen from the past wedding. I also don’t like to throw away things often just because it will only eat up dust in the house. So for me renting is a winner unless you can find a very affordable wedding dress that suited your taste and style.


  1. I would never rent a wedding gown!! Maybe one day my daughter or granddaughter would want to wear it!!

  2. I know wedding gowns can be really expensive, but I can't imagine renting one for my wedding day. I would definitely want my own.