Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ways to Enjoy Burning Calories


Burning calories lead to weight loss, but unless we lessen the calories intake then our effort in losing weight is useless. Exercise, work out, running are some of the easier way to burn calories yet sometimes these activities need more motivation and encouragement to do, but more often we feel like we’re not in the mood to get-up, or too lazy to exercise and lots of lame excuses not to fulfill our work-out. 

 Here are some tips to enjoy burning calories without the need of encouragement or motivation to perform. 

1. Malling – how many hours do you stay at the mall roaming around and window shopping, maybe 1 to 3 hours of walking can burn calories up to 350 of calories, of course stay away from fast food and other eatery that offers mostly carbs in their menu. 

 2. Hiking – hiking is enjoyable not only it can rejuvenate the feeling with the nature but it can clear our mind also. Just don’t forget to bring with you northface bookbags and load it up with the things you need for hiking, carrying out a bag with 10 pounds can help you burn more calories plus you could enjoy the nature around you. 

 3. Swimming – who doesn't enjoy swimming, in fact I can stay up to 2 hours in the pool working out and moving all my muscle of both arms and legs which are good for lower and upper body, an hour of swimming can burn up to 300 calories.


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