Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Trying Out Triathlon

 Before I started to run I am actually had some doubts with myself if I can do it, but since I have seen so many facebook friends who are engage in joining fun run, I envy how they do their best and finish 5 kilometer or even up to 21 kilometer of running. They actually gave me some motivation and encouragement to join in a running event. 

But now I am again planning to try doing Triathlon although I admit that I had lack of skills in swimming. So I ask my former PE teacher in high school if we can come to the pool of my alma mater to do some practice in freestyle swimming. And as a free entrance swimmer, I promised to donate a pool cleaner and some accessories for cleaning the pool that I have browse at Of course my former teacher appreciated my kindness; he actually insists that I can use the pool on the weekend even without donating anything for the school. Looks like all my plans are falling into places. Good-luck to me!


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