Sunday, January 27, 2013

Taylor Swift New Relationship with Diet Coke

Taylor Swift for Diet Coke
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To counterpart Pepsi’s new ad campaign with the hot mama Beyonce, Coca-Cola made a contract with the Pop Country singer Taylor Swift who was recently seen departing on the plane while holding a Diet Coke. The singer will get paid millions of dollar promoting the zero-calorie soda Coke.

The deal with Taylor Swift comes just weeks after pop singer Beyonce signed a multi-million contract deal with its rival counterpart of soft-drink company PepsiCo Inc.

Although Swift may had the contract deal, the singer will not be appearing in any Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl commercials this year, according to a source.
Fans are hoping that her relationship with the Coca-Cola will last longer than her relationship with various entertainment boys in the industry.


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