Friday, January 25, 2013

Smoking after a Meal


Smoking in any cases is not healthy; however we cannot limit other people not to smoke. The same story goes to my brother who we always advice to minimize his smoking habits and completely get rid of it. But no matter how he try his best he always end up smoking again. He said his day is not complete without it and smoking gives a comfort feeling to him, so we just gave up. And I think many also have their own reason why they still smoke even if it cost their health. 

 But a post in free cigar magazine alarms me that some experts had perform experiments and found out that smoking a cigarette after a meal is dangerous than smoking at any time. They said that it is comparable to smoking 10 cigarettes stick which has a greater chance to catch cancer. Although we all know we can get cancer by smoking but if a person who smoke each of his meal it will speeds up the timeline of his life. 

So if you knew someone who has a habit of smoking after a meal, please tell them to delay it one to two hours after a meal or let them read this article, to somehow prolong their life.


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