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Running: Best Exercise for Women

running women and menNaturally women tend to gain weight as they age; there are only few women who are naturally thin due to their genes but mostly when adulthood began or after pregnancy shapes and figures of women changes drastically. Women need to understand the need for exercise when aiming for losing weight. Completing a diet plan can work but even better with a chosen exercise to lose the weight faster especially if preparing for an event like second honeymoon, reunion or wedding anniversary or planning to get married.

Why women benefits in exercise?
* It can prevent osteoporosis which is more prone to women.
* It can increase metabolism and burn calories faster.
* Exercise can develop a stronger heart muscle and improve the immune system.
* Exercise is a mood booster and it can develop the person's self esteem.
* It can reduce body fat, weight and blood sugar.

 Why Running for Women is the Best Option?
Running is the simplest form of exercise and easiest to perform among women. It is also the most inexpensive and accessible workout of all aerobic sports, even newbie can start to run for their very first time of trial. The track for running is free like park or road where there is a seldom vehicles passing by. The only equipment to use is a pair of good running shoes and appropriate running clothes.

Running is a part of the cardio muscular exercise that targeted mostly to lose the overall body-weight and next is belly, thighs and buttocks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Running for women:
1. Can I use any type of shoes for running?
running shoesAnswer: No, I tried some kind of sneakers for casual but it gives me a blister on my feet. So I advise you to really scout a shoes dedicated for running and find one that will be fitted to your feet.
2. Can I run during my periods?
Answer: Yes, but you need a necessary protection to avoid leakage like napkin for a short run and tampon for marathon. Some runner takes medicine before the day of run to avoid cramps.
3. Should I run fast or slow?
Answer: It depends on your endurance, listen to your body but it is better to run in a slow pace for newbies.
4.Should I eat before running?
Answer: Yes because you need energy to fuel your running but you need to consume it 2 hours before the running start, the food to take should be light too to avoid cramps and side stitches during running.
5.How about coffee?
Answer: Yes but just like eating before the run consume your coffee before running. Coffee makes us to urinate and it will affect your performance if you haven’t discharge it soon. Take note to consume 1 cup only at the day of your running, some expert believe that more than a cup while running can cause cardiac events.
6.Can I wear some fashionable accessories during run?
Answer: The only accessories I know appropriate for running is a headset and an ipod or any mp3. Some runners wear pedometer to measure their accuracy of running. As of me I bring my iphone that has an app of Nike+ which is perfect for running. Many runners wear armband for iphone or ipod.
7. What clothes should I wear in running?
Answer: Dry fit clothes are usually worn by runners because sweats are not visible in this clothing. I usually wear a singlet that I get whenever I registered for fun event and a spandex short to run comfortably. Light cotton shirts works too.
singlet-ecorunfun run, running
me and my sistah running

8. Do I need a warm up before running?
Answer: Yes, but I’d rather jog slowly while on the run and go running at my constant pace.
9. Does running build bulk in calves?
Answer: I think women who are sprinter tend to have bulkier calves while women running slowly are not affected yet it can reduce fat and what is left for is the muscle to build.
10. Can I stop running in the middle of the event of fun run or any marathon?
Answer: Yes of course, listen to your body; if you can’t make it then take a rest, some fun run have an ambulance to assist their runners.

Below are some celebrities who love running to stay fit:

                           Miley Cyrus                    Gwyneth Paltrow

                Heidi Klum & Brooklyn Decker        Julianne Hough

Jennifer Lawrence

Run for fitness and share your experience with me, and let’s burn more calories this year.


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