Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My First Wacoal Purchase

I've been hearing a lot of good review of Wacoal over their Facebook fan page, that’s why I am curious as why these undergarments products are popular among women now. The truth is I only know one good product of undergarment which is affordable and that is Avon products only. So when I came to a mall and a woman handed me out a cheap flyer printing inviting me to check out their stall and see if I am interested in their sale items. 

 I didn't hesitate to check their store and see if I could buy one for myself. And wow, all I can say is their underwear are pretty good same with their overrated price. Even sale item is not affordable and you can actually bought 3 pieces of panty from Avon for one item of Wacoal. But to cut the story short I get one piece underwear of Wacoal for Php 195.00, just to try if the price is worth for its quality.


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