Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My 28 Calamansi Juice Challenge


I have been stumbled with the post from foodrecap.net where I am searching about the benefits of drinking calamansi. By the way you might be wondering why I’m searching about the benefits of calamansi over the internet, well cold weather gave me skin irritation, dry skin and contagious itching, I use calamansi to scrub my skin just to ease the itchy feeling I get from this seasonal allergy.

Back to their article, they recommend to drink 28 (pieces) pure juice of calamansi everyday, one hour before breakfast! Wow, this is actually quite challenging to anyone who will drink pure calamansi with no added water or sugar to lessen the sharp sour effect of calamansi, they call this as cleansing diet. The post is very short and  lack of explanation about the benefits you get from drinking of 28 calamansi juice, but their post were flooded with comments from anonymous drinker who try to drink pure calamansi juice and share their own experience.

Here are some after effects of drinking 28 calamansi juices from the comments on the post.
1. One actually lessens her hair fall.
2. It lessen their cravings for carbs and actually help them in their weight management, they said it feels like they are full throughout the day and they didn’t feel hungry or deprive at all
3. A comment says she feel energetic the whole day
4. A drinker also experience a really bad odor from her poo, on first month of drinking calamansi
5. A user helps calamansi with her constipation
6. It helps someone passed a medical exam even with a heart problem

My Experience
And so, since I have the supply of calamansi (I bought 1 kilogram for Php 60.00), I also try this at home. I actually drink it the first time at night just to try if I can stand the sourness of 28 pieces of calamansi. The cutting of calamansi took me of approximately 3 minutes and 1 minute of squeezing on the glass and it can make ¼ cup of juice.

And I drink it like a strong wine straight up in one shot and to my surprise, compared with drinking calamansi juice with water this is kinda easier cause you can prevent tasting the sourness by drinking it up right in my throat. And just after a minute I fart badly that I need to open the whole room just to escape the nasty smell lol. I also experience full effect after taking the juice. Maybe this is the reason why you need to drink it one hour before your very first meal of the day to avoid the loss of appetite in breakfast.  And I advice you not to take calamansi juice just to replace your food intake because the feeling of fullness is just temporary or it will just adjust your eating time, your body will ask food to fuel your energy consumption or you will end up feeling weak.


  1. Wow! I never tried drinking pure calamansi. What I did before, I squeezed calamansi on warm water every morning while on an empty stomach. It is an energy booster indeed! It's really good because calamansi has alkalizing effect on our body. It helps detoxify our system :)


  2. This is cool!! I'm on a Master Cleanse and magandang relyebo ang Calamansi sa Lemon.

  3. dpoh ba nkaka low blood yan?

  4. Wow, I just tried this today and same thing happened. After a few minutes, I farted so badly and eventually poo. I don't know if that was just a coincidence but I didn't feel like doing it before drinking the juice.