Monday, January 21, 2013

Diet of Ballet Dancers


When I was young and started to be a teenager I wished to become a ballet dancer. You know why? Because Ballet dancers aim to be slender, fit and super thin. I actually don’t know how they do that before but my friend who joined a ballet session because she think she’s chubby that time and aiming only to be thin and to lose her baby fat. And it was actually effective within six months I started to see some results to her and she also gained height or maybe because losing weight will make you look like tall also. 

 So when her 13th birthday comes I bought her cute skirt tutu. I don’t actually know if it is appropriate to be a gifts for ballet dancers but I am happy that she is improving every month not only she developed a good posture but also became physically fit.

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  1. i guess aside from what they eat, the physical activities involved in ballet practices and performances are quite strenuous and will certainly help shed off the unwanted pounds.