Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cyleina Black Pearl Review

Cyleina-Black-PearlIf you are a beauty product buyer like me especially in store like Hortaleza and Watson you probably saw this kind of soap. Cyleina Black Pearl soap actually gained a good review in Female Network where I also discovered the goodness of this soap.

Good for pimples:
This soap actually healed my cystic pimple that was already ripen, I remember back then the first time I use his soap it unclogged the head at my cystic pimp and then blood from it came out. It actually looked like a volcano that was erupted right on the pore of my face yaiks. Since then I became a regular buyer of this soap although I still use the beauty bar soap of beauche, I actually combined the usage of it or sometimes I alternate it.

But during this windy cold weather in my place where my skin prone to become dry, using kojic soap makes my skin dryer and cause also some allergic reaction, I experience itchiness all over the skin. And using Cyleina Black soap give ease to my skin, you may ask me why and how?

Well maybe because one of the ingredients of Cyleina black soap gives a cooling effect and give relief in my itchiness and actually slowly healing the allergy until I didn’t notice that it was already gone. The sideback is that whenever I stop using it I started to get itch again lol, maybe because the cold weather is still here. By the way the cooling effect of this soap will really give you a chill in the shower hahaha I can’t even stand on it. 
Here is a few frequently asked question (FAQ) about Cyleina Black Pearl soap:
1. How much and where to buy Cyleina Black Pearl soap?
Answer: Php 65.00 for a mini bar and Php 120.00 for bigger bar, this is available online and in hortaleza stores and Watson.
2. Does Cyleina Black Pearl soap whiten skin?
Answer: The truth is I don’t notice it since I am the user but my sister does notice it, so I say yes it does whiten skin.
3. How about the smell?
Answer: I love it and surely you will love the smell too?
4. How long the Cyleina Black Pearl soap will last?
Answer: For me it lasted less than 3 week for a mini bar, unlike kojic bar this soap doesn’t melt easily in the disk soap.
5. Can I use Cyleina Black Pearl soap as a vaginal soap?
Answer: Yes, as far as I know this soap is organic but I gotta warn you that you may feel also the chill in yours lol

On the package:
Inspired by the rare beauty of South Sea black pearls, Cyleina gives your skin a luminous clarity using premium skin enhancing ingredients:
Collagen promotes a smooth, radiant, firm and well hydrated skin.
Licorice has anti-bacterial and natural skin whitening complex
Alpha Arbutin gently exfoliates dead skin cells and inhibits melanin production
Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant with excellent moisturizing properties

My verdict:
So whether you are into whitening or for the relief of skin allergy I highly recommend this soap. This soap is also good for pimples too. Try one now and see for yourself besides it’s affordable to lose money for a prize of fattening burger or soda.


  1. i thought of a black pearl, as in pearl. Well, this product is worth a try.

  2. It does give me chills in the shower too, haha. Nung una ko syang ginamit, it felt strange dahil sobrang lamig s skin , tumataas pa nga ung balahibo ko , and it didn't last me a minute . I think I'm scared to try it again.