Friday, January 25, 2013

Anne Hathaway Interview Create a Buzz

Anne Hathaway, Ricky lo, interview
Anne Hathaway during the interview by Ricky Lo
I have never seen the full interview of Anne Hathaway for “Les Miserables” until it was shared on Facebook. Anne was interviewed by a Chinese columnist Ricky Lo but it turns out that the supposed to be a happy ending interviewed end up awkward or failed. 

 So I finally watch the said interview on YouTube to see if what was the cause of this turmoil both offline and online. In the beginning Anne is happy and sweet for the interview but not until a question to Anne that makes her disappointed and looks like her mood became bad. 

 Well for me it’s nothing wrong to ask questions because it’s an interview (you really need to ask some questions) but the question is: does the question delivered in a right way? As an interviewer you need to know the history of the making of the movie (if it was a celebrity promoting a movie), and don’t forget to know also how the cast prepare themselves for the scene. 

Anne Hathaway have work hard for this movie, you can actually see it in her shape plus you can’t imagine how she practice the lyrics or script to be sung with emotions (should get a better award for her hard work). She must be practicing for a long months putting some personalized sticky note pads all over her place to remember all her lines for “Les Miserables”. 

I have seen the making of this movie and I can say this is a work of love, everyone is dedicated and professional, and every details of the scene are meticulously made, oh didn't I tell you that they sing live in every scene and live music of instrumental too while filming.


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