Wednesday, January 23, 2013

7 Tips to a Flatter Stomach

flat abs
I’m sure that you’re also looking for an easy way on how to make your bellies flat. But even if you had all the answers and advice on how to make it flat, it is not that really easy or it cost a lot. Even if you had a success result on your first try, you will be overwhelmed later on and go back to where you started. I admit that if your goal is losing all the fat and weight from your body you need to get out of your comfort zone and work really hard.

Here’s an article that I make for Bubblews7 tipsto get a flat stomach”, this receives a numerous likes and views for the site, and I am thinking this should also be posted here on my own blog. It just only means that many people have searching and hopeful for a more attractive and healthier look. The tips are simple yet it’s hard to perform, but I believe that if we disciple ourselves to follow this tips we can shrink our belly an inch per month or more until we reach our goal and keep it.

Below are the 7 tips to flatten your stomach and get rid of fat forever:

1. Drink water before and after each meal. By drinking water we may feel full and enough after 5 to 10 scoop of our meal. The first time I try this tricks makes me wanna vomit, and I admit, it is effective to lessen the carbs intake because we inject more fluids into our stomach and trick our brain that we are not craving for more foods.

2. Ab exercise each day. Ab exercise is for toning our stomach and even if we lose in scale but the fat in the stomach shows it seems our effort is useless. So take a slow step for your goal, try to do 5 repetition of any ab exercise and slowly add repetition or resistance to your routine each day. And even if you had a few ab exercise each day well then it is good than none at all.

3. Do not eat anything after your last meal. It is sometimes called “after 6” because this is the time that our body needs some rest, and when  our body is in the rest mode, our metabolism is slower to process and burn calories. You see, the more that we are active the faster our metabolism could burn calories.

4. Wear tighter clothes. Make them as a signal to work hard if your clothes became tighter, it will give us some awareness to slow down with what we ate or lessen the carbs we take.

5. As much as possible avoid foods that are only full of carbohydrates.

6. Try to eat only with the size of your fist. In America they are now trying to train young especially those with family history of obese to eat only in a small amount so that their intestine won’t stretch more to ask more food intake when they grow. So try to lessen the amount of your foods on your plate until the day that what your eaten is enough for you to energize.

7. Learn to take a liquid diet or give your stomach a rest by taking smoothies and shakes instead of solid foods that are high in protein but low in fat, shakes now are popular to lose weight in such a short time. 


  1. Thanks a lot for this ...I got a big belly and looks pregnant :-)

  2. if you've done and get serious with ab exercises first wihtout melting the fats by running or cardio, your tummy will gain muscles together with the fats. then your tummy will get more bigger. Melt down fats first then do some abs exercises! =)