Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tips in Buying your First Glasses Online

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Nowadays, buying prescription glasses is as easy as clicking with your mouse and keyboard and voila you'll just have to wait a few days and your order is at your doorstep. There are many things that you may considered buying  online rather than go to any optical store and waste some gasses and time. Though it maybe skeptical at first or worried that what you may buy won't fit or suits your eye frame and visions. Below are some tips that you may find useful before buying your first glasses online:

1. If you already visited an opthalmologist and you know the level of your vision then its easy for you to order glasses online or if this is your first time you may just order an standard reading glass to correct your vision.

2. Know if they offer virtual optician to check your vision.

3. Seek first if the company seller offers a 100 % money back guarantee after you have purchase or if they offer return policy if the frame or the eye vision doesn't match with your eyes. Meanwhile offers this kind of policy where they guaranteed free shipping on both ways and 365 days return policy.

4. Some online stores offers virtual fitting of glasses so you'll also be in fashioned and in style depending on what frame you'll type. Of course you'll need to check also their different frame if the designs are good or not.

5. Know if the seller is authentic or fake, you may consider reading some reviews and feedback on their website.

6. Some seller also offers free glasses on your first buying so you'll know if  their quality is good or not.

7. Check their glasses casing if it is durable or not, some seller is cheaper than another but if you'll notice their casing is in plastic or other cheap material that will ruin the glasses in future.

I hope you find this useful when you buy your first prescription glasses online and please don't forget to update me if you do so...



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  1. Thanks for the tips Ate. Will definitely put this in mind! ^_^

  2. Funny, just tried yesterday some glasses online. Handy he?