Thursday, November 22, 2012

Packing Tips When Moving With Kids

packing tips

So many things are much more fun when done with kids: singing in the rain, watching ants go up an anthill, etc. But there are some things which can be quite stressful when you have kids to think about. Packing stuff when moving house is one of those tasks which can be pretty daunting when you’ve got pint-sized creatures to look after and attend to. With the million and one jobs you have to juggle in the air, is it even possible not to break up a sweat?

Here are some things you can do to make packing with kids easier:

1. Start packing well ahead of time.

Nothing can be more stressful than doing things at the last minute. You can begin packing those things which you seldom get to use, such as fine china, old books, etc. You may have to especially find removal packaging for moving house when it comes to dealing with some pieces of wardrobe or delicate lingerie.

2. Get your kids to help.

Kids make things more fun, remember? You can always use the extra hand – even if those hands happen to be smaller. Have your daughter pack pillows and other unbreakable items inside boxes. You can even have your kids label boxes with their contents using colored markers.

3. Keep hazardous materials away from the kids.

As you’re busy packing stuff away, it’s easy to get distracted. Look out for objects with sharp edges, or rolls of plastic or bubble wrap which can become potential choking hazards for little ones.

4. Get that cooler working.

At some point, you’ll have to unplug the fridge before your move. To keep from stressing yourself out with looking for stuff to feed your hungry kids, put some food items inside a cooler to keep them fresh during the move. You can store some cartons of milk, juice, sliced veggies or apples, etc.

5. Pack your kids’ things last.

You wouldn’t want to pull your hair out from rummaging through piles of already-packed stuff just to look for your daughter’s favorite purple hairclip, would you? Have a separate bag or box of essentials which you can easily have access to when needed. Keep a ready stash of your kid’s toothbrush, blanket, favorite toys, dolls or books inside an overnight bag, and assure your kid that this bag will always be beside her all throughout the move. Have a change of clothes ready, because you’ll never know when your child might make a mess.


  1. Any kind of change is stressful both for adults and kids. Those are great tips to help make things easier :)

  2. I'm about to start a family soon, thanks for the tips! Well noted. ;)

  3. nice tips! willl definitely consider this after my wedding :

    The Bargain Doll