Sunday, October 14, 2012

Amanda Todd: Another Victim of Cyberbullying and Harassment

Amanda Todd
Amanda Todd
November 27, 1996 - October 10, 2012
It so sad that despite global Anti-Bullying campaigns from different sectors and organization, blogs and famous celebrities, bullying around the web were still fatal. The recent victim is Amanda Todd whom not only assaulted within social network but experience also a physical abuse from her haters.

On October 10, Amanda Todd, 15 years old who lives in Vancouver, Canada ended her life because of traumatic experience and too much anxiety in social network where bullies user keeps on following her despites moving to different place, home and in school.

Although there was a worldwide pouring of condolences from social media, but the life of Amanda can never be taken back and the sad memories from her will leaves on to her family and this is because the result of cyber bullying and physical abuse from those who hate her so much.

Amanda Todd made a video of herself in black and white 9 minutes video in which she doesn’t speak but shows a series of letter telling her story and experience of harassment from social media sites and in personal life. Her video leaves hair raising grouch and a message of awareness that cyber bullying can kill and hurt people.

Amanda Todd suicide vid
Amanda Todd taken from her still video
Below is the transcript from her last video in YouTube weeks ago before she commits suicide:
Hello I’ve decided to tell you about my never ending story in 7th grade I would go with friends on webcam meet and talk to new people then got called stunning beautiful perfect etc… then wanted me to flash…so I did… 1 year later I got a msg on facebook from him don’t know how he knew me…it said… if you don’t put on a show for me I will send ur boobs, he knew my address school, relatives, friends, family names…Christmas break… knock at my door at 4 am… it was the police… my photo was sent to everyone I then got really sick and got…anxiety major depression and panic disorder I then moved and got into drugs and alcohol my anxiety got worse…couldn’t go out A year past and the guy came back with my new list of friends and school. But made a facebook page my boobs were his profile pic cried every night, lost all my friends and respect people had for me… again… then nobody liked me name calling, judged… I can never get that photo back it’s out there forever…

I started cutting I promised myself never again didn’t have any friends and I sat at lunch alone so I moved schools again everything was better even though I sat still alone at lunch in the library every day after a month later I started talking to an old guy friend we back and forth texted and he started to say he… liked me led me on he had a girlfriend then he said come over my gf from vacation so I did…huge mistake he hooked up with me I thought he liked me 1 week later I get a text get out of your school his girlfriend and 15 others came including himself the girl and 2 others just said look around nobody likes you in front of my new school (50) people… a guy yelled just punched her already so she did she threw me to the ground a punched me several times kids filmed it.

I was all alone and left on the ground I felt like a joke in this world…I thought nobody deserves this :/ I was alone I lied and said it was my fault and my idea I didn’t want him getting hurt, I thought he really liked me but he just wanted the sex…someone yelled punch her already teachers ran over but I just went and laid in a ditch and my dad found me I wanted to die so bad…when he brought me home I drank bleach…it killed me inside and I thought I was gonna actually die ambulance came and brought me to the hospital and flushed me after I got home all I saw was on facebook –she deserves it, did you wash the mud out of your hair? I hope she’s dead nobody cared I moved away to another city to my moms.

Another school…I didn’t wanna press charges because I wanted to move on 6 months has gone by people are posting pics of bleach, clorex and ditches tagging me…I was doing a lot better too… they said… she should try a different bleach I hope she dies this time and isn’t so stupid they said I hope she sees this and kills herself…why do I get this? I messed up but why follow me. I left your guys’ city… I’m constantly crying now… everyday I think why am I still here? My anxiety is horrible now never went out this summer all from my post…life’s never getting better… can’t go to school meet or be with people… constantly cutting I’m really depressed I’m on anti depressants now and counseling and a month ago this summer I overdosed in hospital for 2 days I’m stuck what’s left of me now…nothing stops I have nobody I need someone my name is Amanda Todd.

If you are experiencing bullying remember that suicide is not the answer for your problem, there are some institutions that can help you and take care of you. And if you or someone you knew who has a thoughts of committing suicide, please reach out the contact below for some help:
Kids Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868



  1. My heart goes to this girl. The people around here are so cruel! :(

  2. I am advocating against bullying of all types (if you had read my post on it) and it's sad to hear another person who could have lived a normal life go through this kind of treatment.

    Sometimes I really don't get why people have something against someone that didn't do anything to them at all.

    RIP :'(