Sunday, September 9, 2012

Psy's Gangnam Style Viral Song

Psy Gangnam Style

Sorry LMFAO for not party rockin lately, I also apologize that I didn’t learn how to dougie and Carly Rae you are so cute but I will call you maybe later, because there is a viral song that keeps the word crazy lately with Psy’s Gangnam Style that have capture the word with their catchy tunes and can make you dance in their rhythm.

Their video has received a 127 million hits in a short time and get a lot of parody in YouTube, although the video is more like a silly or comedy in theme; the dance actually became a viral craze and cool to anyone who can learn how to dance it (more like a cowboy dance).

But what does “Gangnam Style” means? According to website 강남 [gang-nam] is basically 강(river)+남(south), and the term is used to refer to a wide area south of the Han River in Seoul, Korea, which includes the districts of 강남구 [Gang-nam-gu], 서초구 [Seo-cho-gu],and 송파구 [song-pa-gu]. These districts are relatively upscale and lavish compared to other areas in Seoul. They are more similar to Mid-town Manhattan in New York City or Beverly Hills and Orange County in California. So, 강남 스타일 literally means “the style from the Gangnam area.” With high-dollar real estate, upscale and luxury shopping centers and shops, lavish hotels, and a high concentration of affluent citizens, this area is regarded as “trendy” and “hip,” and people who hang out there a lot or live there may exude a certain “swag”, better known as “Gangnam Style.” In laymen terms a community of people who are more fashionable, trendy, cool and rich.

Check out the Psy’s Gangnam Style video below and the parody of Mocha girls in the Philippines:

Mocha Girl's Parody

So Have you "Gangnam Style" lately?


  1. i always dance gangnam style! grabe its the new "dance craze" of the world!!:)

    The Bargain Doll

  2. Thanks to facebook, i get to see the video. When all i can associate with gangnam is korea's a la beverly hills life.