Thursday, September 20, 2012

How to wear a Sarong?


When you think of beach or outing during summer or any occasions that will make you wear your favorite swimsuit or bikini, sarong is always included in the look to cover up a little of our skin or just adding some drama or fashion for our beach or swimsuit outfit. 

Sarong is very popular in different countries even though the history of its origin is not confirmed. It is often seen especially in place where the beach is the main tourist attraction like in place of Hawaii, Asia, Africa and USA. Sarong is a woven light fabric usually it is colorful to suits summer color. They are often use to be tied on the body as a dress, wrap skirt or long skirts, turban or headdress and can even use to decorate the whole room as soft curtains.

Below are some of the popular ways to wear Sarong:
1. Long skirt – just wrap the sarong fabric around the hips.

long skirt sarong
2. Short skirt – Just like the way you wrap sarong around your hips you only need to fold it in half so that it can make a shorter length.

short skirt sarong

3. Halter knot - Wrap the fabric around the upper back and make a lose tie in front then pull up behind the neck and tie in another knot. 

halter dress sarong

4. Head scarf - Simply drape the fabric over your head and tie beneath your chin, or wrap the ends gently beneath your chin and let them drape behind your shoulders.

head scarf sarong

5. Tube dress - Wrap the fabric tightly around your body, bringing the two corners together and tying them off in a double knot.
sarong tube dress

How about you? What is  your way to wear sarong?


  1. Simply hang the scarf around my neck. My fave way of using it. ^◡^

  2. I have one, I love to wear it on the head and around my neck.

  3. first before checking the photos. I thought of what's sarong then that's it! I used to do the halter dress and the skirt. :)

  4. wow! This I should learn as sometimes, I only bring Sarong when packing light... Thanks for these tips!

  5. i have one, but it is hard to put together. you can do many different style dresses, skirts and blouses with it, but it is hard. someone should create videos on how to do each one.

  6. A sarong really comes in handy for women as it has multiple uses.

  7. Looks so easy but it's not! Well for me that is.. Hehe. I need a one on one tutorial! Been trying to do this but no luck. ;(