Sunday, September 30, 2012

5 Benefits You'll Get From Stretching


Although there is no enough evidence that stretching may help prevent or may cause injuries to us, but many find that stretching has a lot of benefits and are actually using it especially with pilates and yoga classes or workout sessions, where stretching position are mostly utilized to perform. Many articles also claimed that stretching reduces stresses, increases flexibility, ease back pain and advice us to take stretching as part of everyone’s workout routine. Below are some of the benefits of stretching that you may find essential and improves one’s health.
1.      Increased  Blood Circulation
Stretching increase the blood flow and supply of nutrients to each muscles and cartilage, thus it also helps absorbs the nutrients that we get from our food that we take every day.
2. Flexibility
As we age, our muscles gradually become tighter, reducing its overall flexibility. This body changes makes us more susceptible to muscle, tendon and joint injuries. Stretching is primarily responsible for increasing flexibility, and reduces these risks of injuries. That’s why it is advisable that we exercise more as we grow older to prevent decreasing our flexibility.
2.      Increased Range of Motion
Stretching can help us increased the range of our motion; it means that we can move freely with a better balance but with a lesser chance to falls that result to more damage and injuries.
4. Reduce Stress
Stretching can relieve stresses. Like all types of exercise, flexibility exercises like stretching have powerful stress-busting abilities. Stress causes your muscles to contract, becoming tense. This tension can have negative effects on just about every part of your body. Gentle stretching exercises relax tense muscles associated with stress. Also, since stretching is an exercise, it has the same endorphin-boosting effects, improving your mood and the way you feel in general.
5. Ease Lower Back Pain
 Stretching is an excellent way to strengthen the lower back muscles, alleviating soreness and pain. Since contribute to our posture, stretching these muscles has the ability to reduce or eliminate lower back pain.
Listen to your body, although there is no truth whether or not stretching prevents injury and can change from one day to the next, depending on what expert you're consulting. However, the fact still remains that stretching has numerous benefits than of preventing injury. You can live a more comfortable daily life, increase your flexibility and alleviate stress and pain just by doing a few stretches before, after or separate from your workout.
So stretch your body whenever you can or anytime of the day that you feel to, and improve your health with the benefits of stretching.


  1. I really do need to work on light exercises. Been gaining weight lately because i cant resist eating:)

  2. very true! before i go for a run and in the gym I usually do stretching but minimal before i start and a lot after my exercise hehe great information! xx

  3. I came to appreciate stretching in my active lifestyle as it helps loosen up and warm up the muscle for before and after a fitness activity.

  4. Stretching is really good as a part of light exercise or before going for a hard exercise.It makes ur muscles flexible for further every outdoor games every player before play do some stretching and then go for play,coz it helps them for their further hard exercises...though stretching is mainly helpful for women and child....but every1 should do it as primary level exercise...which will help them into their further hard exercise....

  5. I know this coz I play basketball every weekend. Not stretching before the game often leads to injuries and bad body movements.

  6. I love stretching. In physical activities it warms the muscles preventing injuries. The truth stretching is one of the best exercise regiment that you can not leave or ignore.

  7. I will always do this whenever my back is aching! Great help! ^◡^

  8. Before doing any form of exercise, it is important to do a little stretching to prevent muscle injuries. Like what you mentioned, it promotes blood circulation, thus it is perfect warm-up routine.

  9. nice posts .....

    A good stretch is beneficial for our body and our mind

  10. Stretching before rigorous workout routines will prevent muscle injuries.Experts would usually advice to do several minutes of stretching before you start doing your fitness routines.