Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sport Blogger Jessica Ghawi Killed During Dark Knight Shooting

 Jessica Ghawi, Killed During Dark Knight Shooting
Jessica Ghawi

The Sports Blogger and Journalist of NHL Jessica Ghawi have been confirmed as one of the dozen dead at the shooting rampage at a Suburban Denver screening of The Dark Knight Rises.

Her death was confirmed via Twitter by her brother, Jordan.
 "Coroner's office confirms that my sister @jessicaredfield has died of injuries sustained in the shooting"

Just as the screening of the movie started, a gunman goes in-front of the screen and started shooting on the crowd and one of the victims is Jessica who is known in her blog as Jessica Redfield, which unfortunately hit at her head that cause her to death immediately.

The gunman has been identified as 24-year-old James Holmes, who was arrested at a parking lot behind the theater shortly afterward.

This is not the first time that Jessica encounter a horified shooting, just six weeks ago Jessica survives a mass shooting incident in Toronto's Eaton Centre which left two dead and several others wounded.

Jessica Ghawi is also an aspiring sportscaster who was proudly "Yankee born, Texas raised, Colorado blooming."

A deepest prayer to all the victims at the theatre shooting, we hope that this will awaken and tighten the security especially in places that we know our children and love one will hang out.


  1. This news is freaking terrible! It's very sad :( I can't believe some people can be so heartless :/

  2. This is very sad news. Justice for the victim of this shooting event!

  3. it is depressing how an ordinary movie date can turn to a nightmare

  4. Condolence to Jessica's family and to the other victims. I hope justice will be serve soon.

  5. thanks for sharing.