Thursday, July 5, 2012

How to Dress Up Creative Costume

Planning to put on your costume for an upcoming event or any occasion? Either for birthday party, anniversaries, Halloween party or just a reunion, dressing up for a costume was so much fun. And that's why it is in-demand today to put any occasion with a theme that requires costume or to dress up for a party.

One of the most popular events for dressing up for a costume is Halloween party where everyone was excited to hunt their costume through clothing store or Spirit Halloween store. Although scary costume was popular during that time emerging of cute costumes and some bizarre costumes are beginning to stand out for that event. Dressing up like an Anime, plants, animal or costume occupation was among the favorite in this generation, especially for ladies that doesn't want to scare and stained for fake blood but just wanted to show how sexy they can be through their costume.

Cosplay was also one of the awaiting event parties to put on costume, especially if one missed to attend Halloween. But unlike Halloween party where vampire costume or monster costume was a priority for party goers, they prefer to dress like Anime Manga character or Hero character in fiction movie, films and cartoon series. Cosplay or costume playing originate in Japan and now becoming popular all over the world, this is because of their Manga series like "Naruto, Bleach and One Piece" that is also known not only in Asia but in America, Europe and other countries. And because people love this series so much, cosplay becomes one of the competitions of costume to attend from different fanatics all over the world.

Below are the samples of costume to dress up with different party events:

1. Birthday party (both for young and adult)
birthday party costumebirthday party costume
           Adult Baby costume                 Angry Bird costume

birthday, Cosplay party costumeHannah Montana, Cosplay party costume
          Wild West costume                         Hannah Montana costume

2. Halloween Party

Halloween party costumeHalloween party costume
           Pirate Woman costume               Little Devil costume
Halloween party costumeHalloween party costume
          Snow White costume                  Geisha costume

3. Cosplay or Costume Playing

Cosplay party costumeCosplay party costume
         Dorothy costume                         Peter Pan costume

Naruto, Cosplay party costumeChun-Li, Cosplay party costume
               Naruto costume                        Chun-li costume

4. Costume suitable for any event like Anniversary, Victory or Farewell party or anything that was not just ordinary than the rest.

Geisha, Cosplay party costumeChina doll, Cosplay party costume
             Geisha costume                            China Doll costume

Goddess, Cosplay party costumeStone age, Cosplay party costume
         Goddess costume                              Stone Age costume

Gangster, Cosplay party costumeIndiana Jones, Cosplay party costume
         Gangster costume                          Indiana Jones costume

How about you? What costume do you prefer when attending a party that requires costume to attend to? Let me know and share your thoughts.


  1. I'm not a dress up kind of girl, I never put on costume in my life.

  2. I love costumes. I remember when I was a kid, my mom really got a hard time looking for my costumes. Good thing, that nowadays, most of them are now available in the malls so its easy to get and buy them. :-)

  3. ow, those are awesomw Hooloween costume ,perfect for the holiday.the Naruto costume is just right for my little boy

  4. this is so informative.. I learned something new thanks for sharing..

  5. Hey that is so nice, it is really like cosplay