Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Healthy Living with ViSalus Products and Challenge Kits

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With every passing day, health problems are becoming our primary concern. With increased intake of junk food like pizza, noodles majority of the people are suffering from problems of weight gain. Not only weight gain but also lack of proper nutrition and also increase in the blood sugar level is becoming a major problem. To be very honest with our busy schedule do we really have the time for regular morning walk?

So here is an easy solution to all our problems in the form of Visalus products and challenge kit. The benefits of the ViSalus products are immense. It is a complete package that helps anyone from maintaining their body fitness to a balanced diet to maintain the blood glucose level.  Also the ViSalus have introduced a program named as the ViSalus 90 day Body by Vi Challenge where the participants have an opportunity to win lots of prizes for buying their products and ultimate loss of weight. 

ViSalus Body by Vi product offers every individual five different types of challenge kits that ultimately help an individual get a total fitness package. Now let us discuss about the challenge kits provided by the ViSalus in a bit details.

The various challenge kits that are available are discussed below:
Before discussing about the various challenge kits we should first know that Visalus also provides important health flavor mix-in. These health flavor mix-in not only enhances the taste of their products but also contributes to additional health benefits. There are many flavors that are available and anyone can surely find one of their favorite flavors.

Strawberry Phyto Power- it contains phytonutrients which consists of essential parts of the fruits, plants and vegetables. All these ingredients help in the development of health.
Chocolate cardia – it is perfect mixture of polyphenols which is made of rich dark chocolates that enables to keep the heart healthy
Orange Everyday Defense - it contains astragalus that effectively enhances the response of   immune system.
Peach Complexion Care – it is a mixture of collagen, glucosamine sulphate and biotin. All these components helps to provide a good body structure and all these components together with grape seed extract and pink bark extract helps to provide a healthy flawless and glowing skin.
Banana energy charge – it is composed of guarana, green tea and Siberian ginseng and cordyceps that help to improve alertness and rejuvenate one self.
After discussing the various health flavor mix- in, it is time to discuss about challenge kits.
Shape kit – it enables you to build a healthy figure by losing weight and development of thin and healthy muscles. The product provides a Vi- shape shake mix that can be taken for 60 times, that is, with 2 servings of shape mix per day that leads to the achievement of your desired figure. Along with this you will also get a miscellaneous collection of various health flavor mix-in.
Balance kit – this kit is very essential as it enables you to have a balanced diet once a day. The Vi shape shake mix is provide with 30 servings and also provides a fabulous collection of health flavor mix – in
Transformation kit – it is the most effective kit for losing weight and you will be totally transformed in a new individual. It provides you with 60 Vi shape shake mix and also has an additional health flavor mix – in. It also contains Vi-Trim Clear Control Drink Mix that helps to reduce your hunger and to provide stamina and energy to your body they provides an additional product called NEURO Smart Energy Drink Mix. This kit is also provided with Vi-Slim Metabolic-Boost Tablets; Omega Vitals Essential Oils Supplement to ameliorate the function of your heart and also improves the functioning of the joint.
Fit kit – this kit is especially meant for those individual to have a very vigorous lifestyle. It helps to maintain shape of the individual by the development of muscles. This kit provides you with 60 servings of Vi shape mix. One serving is to be have with milk and various types of fruits and the other is to have with water only. This kit provides two additional health drinks- ViSalus Go and ViSalus Pro both of them provides extra energy.
Core kit – it enhances the overall health and fitness of the body and rejuvenates your life. It contains 30 servings along with the combination of various health flavour mix-in. The Vi-pak Anti-Ageing & Energy System is provided along with this kit which prevents aging. Also a health drink is provided along with it called the NEURO Smart Energy Drink Mixes.

Apart from all the above products ViSalus also provides an herbal supplement named “Vimmunity” that can be taken infrequently and it enhances your immune system and makes you feel refreshed. 

So if you desire a complete fitness package that will be able to cope up with all your needs then the best kit available for you is the one provided by ViSalus. Hence, do not waste any more time, just order a ViSalus challenge kit and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Who knows, you just flaunt a sexy body by Visalus.


  1. Thanks for sharing! This is surely helpful in losing my pregnancy weight.

  2. Is this recommended for asthma patients like me who gained weight from steroids? I want to know. ;p Thanks for sharing this. :)

  3. This would really be helpful for those having a hard time losing weight.. :) I want to try this some time, but I'll first see if regular exercise and proper diet can help me lose some pounds.

  4. It is nice to hear that another product is added to the list of products that help to lose weight. However, I always feel to go with natural way. Exercising is the best way to lose weight. Along with losing weight we can get a fit body.

  5. better try this one. love to lose weight.

  6. We need to have a lot of courage and self discipline if we want to lose weight. There are also many products available that can help us in losing weight, though those products are useless if we still continue our bad habits.

  7. Thank you very much. This really helped me with my work. I appreciate your help. Thanks a lot. good website