Monday, July 2, 2012

Buying Sunglasses

Sunglasses are must-bring items for most people. On busy streets, many prefer to wear sunglasses but what makes them want to buy sunglasses

Benefits of Using Sunglasses
When strolling and visiting scenic spots, the extreme heat of the sun can cause too much damage on skin and not to forget the damage it will cause to eyes. The eyes being the window of one’s soul, it should be well-protected by using sunglasses. So, when planning to go on a trip, don’t forget to bring along sunglasses to protect eyes from UV rays of the sun. Possible occurrence of this problem may somehow hinder you from enjoying the beautiful scene on a trip.

Wearing sunglasses means fashion. It is very fashionable for some to wear sunglasses especially when it fits them perfectly. Most men wear them to achieve that mysterious look that they desire which is a plus factor to capture the heart of their lady love. For women, to buy sunglasses is a must-do when going to beaches because wearing them will add glamour and style when matched to their skimpy bikinis and summer attire.

For those who use motorcycle as a means of transportation, they definitely must buy sunglasses because it will block the direct light that strikes the eyes. Some vehicular accidents happen because drivers are not wearing proper sunglasses to protect themselves from eye-irritants like pollen, dust, rainfall and other foreign objects that are not visible to naked eyes which will hinder their vision.

Tips on Wearing Sunglasses
Before buying sunglasses, it is better to know what style will fit and match the shape of face: Square faces look good on oval and round frames of sunglasses; Oval faces, most frames match; Oblong faces fit to tall frames; and Round faces are best with angular frames.

For those who don’t have perfect 20-20 vision, it is best to wear prescription sunglasses but with a touch of fashion of course. One must not look nerdy, if he is wearing prescription sunglasses. Some intentionally overlook the importance of using RX sunglasses just to save money. They tend to use only ordinary sunglasses which will only give them blurred vision.

Sunglasses must also be constantly cleaned by using a clean, anti-scratch cloth before wearing them. It must be placed inside a plastic or metal case when put inside a bag to avoid breakage and scratch.

One must not be hesitant to buy sunglasses. You can be protected and fashionable at the same time. Better have one today.


  1. I never have enough sunglasses :).

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  2. I need my glasses when driving, else the sun would hurt my eyes. Nice article.

  3. I guess I will be in need of prescription sunglasses, or opt for pair of transition lens

  4. gosh its sunglasses is a must haves!!! out-doors or indoors u can where it ... any kind of weather for fashion or for just an accessory :) its still ang 100% must have :) and also u can wear it if ur hiding something in ur eyes like black eye bags :0 and more... and when ur out driving :)

  5. Once sunglasses were worn only for fashion purposes. But now it is proved that they are highly helpful for our eye health. The tips given in the website are highly helpful for those who are going to buy sunglasses. I have an oblong face. Now I know which type of glasses will suit me.