Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wear Your Independence Fashion

Happy Independence Day! Today June 12, 2012 we observe the celebration for our national freedom.  We may not go or attend to a especial program to pay tributes to our National Heroes that makes our freedom possible but we can show it by being a true and kind person or by helping our fellows that are in need and of course by wearing fashionable tees by the following brand showing our nationalistic and respect for our heroes and by patronizing our own. And for this amazing event let us all celebrate it by wearing this nationalistic tee from Capital G, Maya, Born with Greatness by PACMAN and P.i. by Island Souvenir.

1. The Capital G Tribute to the iconic Filipino snail mail stamp says nationalistic yet cool. The abstract Philippine mail stamp motif, complete with outline bust of Jose Rizal and the iconic sun from the Philippine flag can make anyone look fresh and trendy. These will look great whether you pair them up with shorts or pants.
Capital G, Nationalistic shirt, blue

2. This tee looks really hip and cool with its traditional cut paired with its "Only in the Philippines" vibe graphic print. Pair it with cargo shorts and sneakers for a dressed down style, or wear it with shades, a jacket, pants and loafers for a more stylish get up.
Maya Pedicab shirt, Nationalistic shirt, white

3. Represent your country with this Pacman T-shirt by Born with Greatness. Pair with shorts and sneakers for a relaxed and casual look. Show all your friends your favorite boxer of all time! (By the way I haven't confirmed if this clothing line are from Manny  Pacquiao, but I know that he has lots of clothing line in the Philippines, lol you know him he is a good businessman too.)
PACMAN shirt, Nationalistic shirt, white

4. Nothing says Filipino pride than the country's flag itself. The PI Flag Fill by Philippine Islands (P.i.) has got you covered. This great tee sports a very cool and edgy distressed print of the Philippine flag that's sure to charm. Pair it with cargo shorts and sandals for a relaxed look or pair it with jeans and sneakers for a cool weekend style.
P.i. by Islands Souvenirs, Nationalistic shirt, black

By the way I want also to congratulate our boxing hero Congressman Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao, you may lose your title but to all of us you are the winner. And for us you are a hero!

How about you, what do you wear on this Independence Day?


  1. I love the pedicab shirt! Thinking of sending one to my husband hehe!

  2. Happy Independence Day, I like the design with the text Born with Greatness!

  3. Happy Independence Day! :) THis shirt is so cool. I think this will be a nice gift for hubby in daddy's day :))

  4. Happy Independence day!=) Cool shirts.. thanks for sharing this will be a nice gift for hubby this coming daddy's day :)

  5. I'm just staying at home so I am not wearing anything special. But I like the nationalistic concept of those shirts. :)

  6. nice tee designs. i agree, we can show our sincere gratitude to our forefathers who fought for our freedom by any which way we want, including fashionable tees.

  7. i like the #2 pedicab shirt! :) i just stayed at home and enjoy the restday :)