Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sarah Geronimo Covers the Mega magazine June 2012 Issue

Sarah Geronimo, Mega Magazine
Sarah Geronimo

Sarah Geronimo channeling the cover of Mega magazine for June 2012 issue. Sarah Geronimo wears a white metallic haute couture and a heavy dramatic make-up for the magazine. This month issue theme is "Mabuhay ang Sariling Atin" that landed Sarah as a featured pinoy pride and "Making the Filipino Voice Heard". Get your copy now for more details on the magazine.

Photography Studio/Jun de Leon
Art direction Suki Salvador
Makeup Lala Flores
Styling Eldzs Mejia

Do you like Sarah Geronimo's look in the cover? Is it yay or nyay?


  1. i love sarah G's transformation!! :)

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  2. Gusto ko studded blazer niya! ^_^

    - wrey

  3. Sarah G. has improved a lot, and she's better and better each time. No wonder she has a lot of followers/fans. I love the concept of her shoot. Mega always knows glam. =)

  4. Love the dress, it's exemplary beautiful but what I don't like is Sarah's pose, she can do better than that technically, I wonder why Sari Yap approved this. It seems to me she was lying and not standing on this pose. They could have done it in better angle besides, Sarah has a pretty very pinay face. Beautiful fabric design.

  5. i like sarah g. very talented and she is pretty in this meg cover

  6. Wow.. I haven't seen this mag yet.. I'm totally gonna buy this one...
    thanks for sharing this..=)