Thursday, June 14, 2012

How to Delay Skin Aging

Aging is human nature and are part of our life, whether we like it or not we are all subject in getting old and aging. There’s a lot of causes that contributes in aging like age, sun, poor diet, stress and overuse of cosmetics. Fortunately, due to continually studying and researching, experts always find an effective way to delay aging. Most of these anti-aging solutions may find in the bottle as a beauty product. One of the most popular ingredients for anti-aging is cosmetic argan oil

What is argan oil?

Argan oil 
Argan oil is very popular in Southern parts of Morocco where they derive this Moroccan oil from its argan tree and they use it to naturally enhance their skin, hair and nails. Argan oil is known to be one of the world's richest natural sources of vitamin E, which is a renowned in anti-aging and anti-wrinkle ingredient and has possessed antioxidant powers. It helps stimulate the renewal of skin cells, making the skin more elastic. It effectively reduces wrinkles and skin lines and re-hydrates dry and damaged skin, helping to reverse aging.

Uses of Argan oil

Massaging this oil in the body helps relieve sore muscles caused by aging. Because this oil is light, long-lasting, and known to be oil with low acidity and high stability which can easily absorbed by the skin. Application of argan oil during massage helps relieve muscle cramping and restless leg syndrome. Regular application will quickly help to substantially prevent and lessen the chance to have stretch marks.

Other benefits of continually using argan oil:

Argan oil, beautiful skin 
-Softer skin
-Diminished wrinkles
-Shiny hair
-Reduced scarring
-Balanced sebum production resulting to helps clear acne and monthly blemishes
-Relief for eczema and psoriasis and are great even for babies
-Softer cuticles


  1. I've been taking vitamins ever since. They say, it's good for the skin and heart, too. My first time to hear about this Argan Oil, though. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Oooh I use argan oil for my hair! It does have a lot of benefits that's why it is pretty expensive.It's also good to keep taking vitamins, and practicing healthy living.

  3. i use a facial serum that has argan oil! :)

  4. Honestly i had never heard of argan oil before. It is great to know that it defies age very much.
    Besides one should also drink lots of water in a day, avoid having fast foods, having a healthy and a balanced diet, taking a good sleep and to top them all, regular exercises is a must to delay aging..!

  5. Honestly i had never heard of argan oil before and it is great to hear that it defies aging process.
    Besides one should drink lots of water in a day, have a healthy and a balanced diet, take a good sleep, avoid fast food intake and to top them all, regular exercises is a must to delay aging process.

  6. For my skin care I use nutritious products enriched with Vitamins and minerals. I also used good quality creams. Recently I have started to use Argan Oil being suggested by a beautician and gettiing good results.

  7. This is indeed helpful! With all the new beauty products emerging in the market, it is difficult to pinpoint which one really works. :D

  8. hmmm I haven't heard about this one. I am so living an unhealthy life. LOL Will check this out specially now that I am in my late 20s aahahaha

  9. This is an addition to what I need to look for in buying beauty products. Happy to read something that will help age conscious like me in determining what products should be used.

  10. First time I've heard of argan oil. If a lot of women swear by its efficacy, then it's something worth trying out.

  11. my wife being in her mid 20's means i could recomend this to her but im sure if it works well on females it could also work wonders on males too

  12. Restrict ageing to certain level is possible by using Argan oil.regular use of this reduces the growth of skin tissues and boost the muscles underneath it.Its a natural way to reduce the ageing of human.

  13. I have tried Argan oil. It is moisturizing and does soften the skin. As for anti-aging...not sure yet.

  14. Great natural skin care along with healthful life style options can help delay natural process of getting older and prevent different skin color difficulties.