Monday, June 25, 2012

Fall in Love with your Exercise

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Bored of your routine exercises? Here we bring out so many amazing ways to start enjoying your exercises. Playing your favorite sport or dancing or riding a bicycle, all of it comes under exercises. It is not about what exercise that you do to stay healthy, it's all about sticking to what you do. For this you must start loving your exercises. The more you fall in love with your exercise, the more chances that you will be good at it and will make you more healthy in return. It is not necessary that you do the exercises continuously at a time, just keep doing it little by little throughout the day. Experts says that when you think of it as exercise it becomes tedious. Instead think of it as playing so that you won’t be bored of doing it.

What is best for you? 
Choosing the right kind of exercise is very important. The exercise that’s applicable for one person may not be suitable for all. While choosing the right kind of exercise for us we must take into consideration so many aspects. For example what kind of sport a person will love to play; if a person is passionate about swimming, then swimming might be the best exercise for him. Certain other factors like age, health condition of persons and etc should be taken care of before suggesting exercise for each individual. 

STEP 1: Think about what exercise you want to do.
First thing you need to know about exercising is that both working out and playing isn’t different from each other. They both should go hand in hand and should fulfill the basic need of keeping you healthy both physically and mentally. Both should be fun and should give you happiness. So for choosing the right kind of exercise you should know yourself and what you love to do in first place. 

The 3 important things you need to think of while choosing an exercise for yourself.
Think of what you like to do or what you don’t during your recess or PE classes. Are you interested in fast moving games or slow and aiming games?
Think of what you love to do on weekends or every day after school. Do you prefer riding a bicycle or playing football?
Do like to do things alone or with your friends.

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STEP 2: Picking up ways to exercise
After analyzing your likes and dislikes, just take a look at the list below and see what works for you.

Are you fond of music? If so turn on some music and start dancing. You can even join a dance class or simply play musical freeze-tag with friends or try hula-hooping with music.
Do you like being in an outdoor? If so why not try some yard work? Raking of leaves pulling of weeds or shoveling of snow all of these can burn those extra calories.
Are you an animal lover? Take your pet dog for a walk. You can even ask and take a neighbor’s dog for a walk. Or if you are not so much into dogs why not try a natural walk early morning and breathe in some fresh air. It can freshen up both your mind and body.
Do you like climbing trees? Then why not extend it to walls and rocks. Join a rock climbing club. Always wear protective gear while climbing rocks. Take guidance from experts while doing it.
Do you get nervous while doing new things? If so ask your parents if you can take classes prior to exercising in the case of activities like ice skating, skate boarding etc. Ask your teacher if you can take 3 classes prior to continuing to see if you like this activity or not.
Are you a video game fan? Then get busy with Play station 3 Move, Wii or Xbox 360 Kinect. Don’t   have an active video game? Try moving around when you play. Try mimicking your character as he moves. Jump when your character   jumps and duck when he does.
Not the competing type? If you don’t like to compete with others, then try keeping goals and compete with yourself. If you like skip ropes try doing it continuously for 2 minutes. Next day try doing it for 3 minutes and so on. It can be both fun and can keep you healthy.
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STEP 3: Make a promise to yourself
Promise to yourself  when you try a new activity whether skipping rope or bowling not to give it up easily unless you try it thrice to know whether you'll like it or not. 
On your first attempt you may not excel in it but as the proverb says "only practice makes man perfect”. Sometimes it requires lots of trying and that’s part of the fun of being adventurous and trying something new. The first activity in the list may not turn out as your favorite one. So take another one on the list and try something new. Ask your parents and friends for other suggestions. Just remember there is no shortcut for everything. The right kind of activity is just available out there. Go and find your own.


  1. Increasing your level of physical activity will not only decrease the amount of fat your body is carrying, it will also improve your overall fitness — that is, the function of your body. Thus, as said in these article, we should learn to fall in love to our excercise

  2. Sometimes it's really hard for a self discipline :D self motivation is really a MUST to achieve such goals.

  3. Wonderful Post. Always looking for tips to make exercise more enjoyable.

  4. Nice tips. I hope I can follow this because I am having a hard time doing exercise on a daily basis.

    Mommy Maye (

  5. I enjoy doing yoga classes before but since I cannot freely go out of the house anymore, I try my best to do walking and follow yoga thru videos :) It works but sometimes there's the tamad factor! :D