Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Buying Lovable Bras Online

Sometimes, we might take for granted our undergarments especially our bra. We’re only after the size and wouldn’t care for as long as it will make us comfortable and it will cover what it needs to cover. Bras have different colors, designs and styles that go well with different types of outfits so if you want to buy lovable bras online, better know which type of bra will fit you perfectly. 

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Balcony bras, contour bras, convertible bras, demi-cup bras, longline bras, strapless bras and minimizer bras are just some types of bras among the many bra types that can be bought in the market. You can choose whichever among these types fits your favorite getup.

To help you decide on whether which of these styles would perfectly fit your outfit, here are some facts:

1. Balcony Bras
Supports fine cleavage
Perfectly fits blouses/dresses with lower neckline
Top choice to partner for your long gown

2. Contour Bras
With padding or lining supported by underwire
Does not highlight the nipple and ensures a smooth shape of the breast
Fitted blouse/t-shirts complement well with this type of undergarment

3. Convertible Bras
The most stylish bra
Can be styled according to your choice since it can be converted into different styles

4. Demi-cup bras
Does not cover the entire breast
Can be partnered with blouses/dresses with plunging neckline

5. Long-line Bras
Looks like a corset
Usually 3 quarters long or full-length
There are also backless and lower back styles for this type of bra

6. Strapless Bras
This type is the best partner  of evening gowns, formal dresses and tops with wide-neck cut
Go well with different kinds of outfit
Available with different types and you can choose the one which provides the convenience for you

7. Minimizer
For full figured women
Makes full busts appear evenly and more natural
Smoothens and redistributes to projection of breast tissue to minimize blouse gap and improve clothes’ fit. 

Aside from the above mentioned, there are still more types of bras that are available in the market and are just waiting to be noticed. You can browse some bra companies’ web sites to see pictures of more bra types that they offer especially if you want to buy bendon bras online. 


  1. I've never tried buying bras online. Maybe now's the time.

  2. I am scared of buying bras online they might not fit:(

  3. I'd prefer to buy bras at a store than online. It's really difficult to get the exact fit even if I measure every inch of my bustline.

    The list you posted above helped me understand the styles. Now I know which style to stay away from and which will work well with my figure! Thanks!

  4. Thanks for sharing, indeed a very good timing because I am trying to find one this summer.
    Hope to see you back: www.iconnectworld.com

  5. I'm a little hesitant about buying bras online... Just like Zoan, I'm afraid it might not fit. But I am glad I've come across your site where I've gotten to know the different types of bras. I've always had problems looking for one that fits my clothes, dresses, gowns, perfectly. Now at least I know!

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  6. i think it's hard to buy things you wear online especially those that need to be fitted.

  7. cool post, but i worry buying undergarments online...

  8. wow thanks, never knew there would be so many types. i love lovable!