Wednesday, June 13, 2012

BAYO's Letter of Apology

Just recently before  Pacquiao and Bradley heat up the news all over the world, BAYO was in the hot-seat for their allegedly racists ad campaign that makes some Filipino citizens irritated. And which produces different humor meme all over the social network.

Below is the full content of the letter with attachment of their full campaign ad:

Dear Chrisair,

We appreciate your feedback about our most recent ads. With the different variations and suggestions made by the public, we have decided to reveal the rest of the campaign, as a way of shedding more light on the issue.

It was meant to be a three-part series rolled out over the next few months with the intent of celebrating nationality, heritage and personality mix.
BAYO ad campaign, Jasmine Curtis
Unfortunately, the message got lost along the way. Despite this, we at BAYO, will continue our 20-year tradition of celebrating the diversity and uniqueness of every Filipino.

Thank you for your time.

Sincerely Yours,
Lyn Agustin
Vice President, BAYO

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  1. I guess they are right on their campaign, but it was not fully understood by the Filipinos and reacted differently on the first part of the ads. They immediately thought that it was racism against Filipinos.
    I just guess they just made a wrong impression for the public.

  2. meron akong copy ng letter of apology at nung unang nakasualat with photo sa Blog and me(".
    i don't think they have a part 2 and part 3. they just want to clean their name and came up wtih another excuse. i don't buy it,sorry

    1. I don't rant about it actually and I don't know why they send me a letter