Friday, June 8, 2012

Anne Curtis Confirmed Shooting of "Blood Ransom" Film

Anne Curtis Blood Ransom

Host/actress Anne Curtis  posted the picture above through Instagram and in her twitter page where she also confirmed the ongoing project movie in Hollywood called "Blood Ransom". Anne added that she is not the only Filipino to be cast in the film. 

"Blood Ransom" is a suspense crime thriller directed by Filipino-American Francis dela Torre, who also the director of the film "Subject: I Love You." played by Filipino Actor Jericho Rosales.  

Anne Curtis,Primadonna
Anne Curtis
Among the cast of the film are Alexander Doetsch and Emily Skinner and others.

The movie is set to release next year. Meanwhile Anne temporarily leave her popular noontime show "It's Showtime" to concentrate on this film.

What do you think about this film? Share your thoughts!


  1. Ang haba ng hair ni Anne! Galing! ϡ

  2. Oh, so that's the reason why she's away from show time pala! Good job!

  3. it's more of a college project film..

  4. nice, i hope she gets some project with the biggest star in Hollywood

  5. Congrats to Anne! That would be a good exposure for her! :)

  6. I was really wondering why she left her noon time show. They kept it secret that's why. Now that this picture is release maybe some unofficial trailer are released too. I wanna know the story :D sana di naman low budgeted film.
    This project is surely a big break for Anne. Goodluck Anne!!! Way to go to Hollywood ^_^

  7. Thanks Air for doing this blog. Good luck to Anne, it's kinda low budget film or parang Indie ata. Wish ko lang wag sya mg topless, nung ng search kasi ako sa google may nakita ako dead girl na topless, the image was named under Blood Ransom. I don't know if this is a sequel or what. But I'm proud and happy for Anne! Let hope that she will get to hollywood after this.