Saturday, May 5, 2012

Zen Zest Product Review

Zen Zest, products
Yey, finally my package have arrived yesterday from LBC. Zen Zest products that I've won through Badet's Blog, the prize includes: Zen Zest "THISTLE" Eau de toilette for women, Zen Zest Smoothening Hand and Body lotion in Talc, and Zen Zest Exfoliating Body Scrub  in Talc. 

Below is my review of these awesome product!
The Perfume:
I love the scent it can be suits also for young children, mild yet the scents last, though whenever I smell it through the bottle I got this feeling that its too strong, but when I worn it the smell just fit perfectly for my taste. I love its crystal bottle too it reminds me of Paris Hilton's perfume. 

The Lotion:
Of course I am in love with the scent and it smells really like a talc powder. The scent can be a great perfume already though I am still confuse that the lotion was infused with papaya extract and Vitamin E, does this means it can be a whitening lotion too? It never said on the package that it was for whitening but more like suited for dry skin and true to their package it was great on my dry skin. This last two weeks I experience a super itchy on my legs and arm due to hot weather and dryness but right now I haven't scratch my skin for itchiness. It helps hydrate my skin.

The Body Scrub:
The scent is great just like the lotion. The scrub was so gentle I thought that it wasn't a scrub for a bit I almost can't feel it's beads. But still great for my skin and the whole day I smell awesome. Oh! by the way I never washed of with another soap but just the scrub alone. The cream in the body scrub are already enough  to wash my body (but honestly due to dryness I don't want to use my body soap, I need to relieve my screen from rashes and itchiness).

It is triple awesome thanks again Zen Zest and Badets for the package you sent me, your product is great. 


  1. Wow! Congrats for the win mommy Chris! ;)

  2. Great package you get there! :) I hope to win contests, too!

  3. Congrats on winning! I've never tried that brand ever. But I'm reading good reviews on their butters.

  4. Congratulations... I love zen zest lalo na ung tequilla scent ata nila...

  5. wow, lucky girl. i love zen zest, they have affordable perfumes. particularly love the melon scent Ive bought from them last year :>

  6. wow that is an awesome package!!! Congrats