Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vidal Sassoon Dies at 84

Vidal Sassoon
Vidal Sassoon (17 January 1928 – 9 May 2012)
The legendary and famous hairstylist Vidal Sassoon dies at 84 in his home at California, Mulholland Drive this morning. He died in natural cause beside his family, the details are not yet available at this time. 

Vidal Sassoon is the creator of geometric Bauhaus inspired hairstyle commonly called "bob". His style of cutting hair was the spark of wash and wear freedom hairstyle during in 60's that we still wear until today. And his popularity in hairstyle allowed him to open up his first salons complemented with his hair treatment products. His life has also documented in a movie called Vidal Sassoon: The Movie with a theme of "How One  Man Changed The World With a Pair of Scissors" that released in 2010. The life of Sassoon is the full proof of how rags to riches does a man can achieved.
Vidal Sassoon, Vidal Sassoon: The Movie

Sassoon styled Mary Quant's hair, a British fashion icon and designer that became her signature look for more than 40 years in the fashion industry. 
Vidal Sassoon, Mary Quant
Mary Quant, a Welsh fashion designer
Vidal Sassoon, Mary Quant Vidal Sassoon, Mary Quant

Vidal Sassoon became a popular brand name for hair products, it was bought by Procter & Gamble company and the products are sold worldwide. Among the products are shampoo, conditioner and hair shine.
Vidal Sassoon, products

Below are the hairstyle that started and inspired from "bob" hair style created by Vidal Sassoon:
Vidal Sassoon, Rihanna's short bob hairstyle
Rihanna with a short bob hairstyle
Vidal Sassoon, Victoria's short swing bob hairstyle
Victoria Beckham with a short swing bob hairstyle
Vidal Sassoon, medium length bob hairstyle
A medium length bob hairstyle
Vidal Sassoon, Nicole Richie's layered bob hairstyle
Nicole Richie's layered bob hair with side swept bangs
Vidal Sassoon, medium length with bangs bob hairstyle
Medium angular length with bangs 
RIP Vidal Sassoon and thank you for the hairstyle you created and left to us!


  1. RIP Vidal Sassoon. I love their products especially the curling iron. I think it this the best hair brand ever.

  2. He was a truly self made man, and one of the most down to earth celebrities that I have ever met. Mr. Sassoon treated everyone with respect.

  3. It's funny that after all these years, I thought "vidal sassoon" is just a brand name. RIP Vidal... I've never heard of his documentary movie though, now I'm intrigued! I gotta watch this.

  4. RIP Mr. Sassoon. He is a well respected person having contributed so much to the fashion industry.

  5. It was my wife who broke the news to me and eventually saw it last night while watching a local news.

    I guess it's the right time for him to rest. May his family be comforted in their lost.

  6. condolence ,usung uso yang bob cut nung kapanahunan ko at haggang ngayon favorite pa rin ito ng mga hairstylist.

  7. I like his bobs. They're short and low-maintenance but still very feminine. RIP.

  8. so that's where the hair style came from..

  9. I remember seeing him in a commercial when I was a kid. may he rest in peace.

  10. He seemed to have lived a passionate life; shared his gift and talent to others. Great man. May he rest in peace.

  11. may he rest in peace. His name will always be remembered and his contribution to the beauty industry will always be appreciated.

  12. Oh my... another famous gone... :(

    He'll surely be missed. His contributions to the fashion and beauty world will never be forgotten :)

  13. he's a legend in the hair styling world, i remember he's one of the first stylist to have his own brand of hair products and super bili din ako before...i like the last 2 cuts, papagaya ko nga...

  14. I love vidal sasoon the shampoo ha, lol fav ko kasi yun nung HS

  15. RIP Vidal Sassoon. One of the classic brands I grew up with. I love his BOB haircuts and all the version that go with it.

  16. Vidal Sassoon's signature haircuts surely rocked the beauty and fashion scene. His legacy goes on. RIP Vidal Sassoon.

  17. Rest in Peace Mr. Sassoon
    you will definitely be missed

  18. omg. i heard about this as well :(
    he made bob haircuts epic.

  19. Rest in peace Vidal Sassoon. I recall having my long hair cut there in San Francisco. They were having class then when I arrived and got asked if it is ok to be a model for a student. Got a free haircut in the process.

  20. everytime I would hear his name, the thought of shampoo always comes to mind.

  21. everytime I hear his name the thought of shampoo always comes to mind