Saturday, May 26, 2012

Top Children’s Looks for Summer 2012

boys summer loook

For the Boys
Most summer trends are usually centred on girls, with seemingly endless collections of summer dresses in pinks and pastels, with flowers and cute details available year after year, but it’s 2012, so make your little solider take the part this summer with a selection of must-have items.

Cargo Shorts
Little boys love cargo shorts because of the khaki color and resemblance to army wear. The pockets also add a touch of style, plus they are useful for carry things you would usually have to carry in your bag. The older man usually wore these shorts, but you can now dress up your action man and let him hit the beach in style.

Plaid Shirts
Plaid shirts have been in for over a year now, particularly with teens and the MTV crowd. There is a short sleeve option, great for covering the shoulders and the tops of the arms, protecting the sensitive skin areas prone to burning. In the evenings dress him in a cool Slogan T-shirt and use the plaid shirt as an open layer.

Muscle Tank Top
Muscle tanks are usually seen wrapped around muscle-bound gym freaks,however one of the ‘in’ fashions for boys is a miniature version. This sleeveless option will help keep him cool, plus the trendy colors and slogans printed on them will make you little trooper feel really trendy.

girls summer loook
For the Girls
When you walk into a clothes shop during spring/summer you are bombarded by lots of different collections for your daughter. You could clear your bank account making your little girl trendy and set for the holidays. Keeping budget and style in mind, I’ve listed the essentials, including a few accessories that can be used with various looks.

Everyone knows summer isn’t summer unless your little girl is skipping and playing in a sundress. The market is saturated with trendy selections, so just take your pick. She can go from making sandcastles on the beach to eating at the restaurant in the evening without having to change a thing.

Sun Hats
One way to prevent sunstroke or a frazzled, peeling nose is to pop a sun hat on your little girl. Straw hats with cute flower details are available from many different brands, or how about a pink and white chequered material option? Both are cute, trendy and will protect her from the sun.

I consider these a must-have if you’re taking your daughter on holiday. Whether you’re chilling by the pool, playing on the beach, or even shopping, flip-flops will always be the convenient choice as they can be stored in a bag and taken everywhere. They are easy to clean and don’t stain – the perfect accessory to any summer outfit.

So if you have your holidays booked or you’re holidaying at home, take a moment and consider how many looks you can achieve mix-matching clothes and accessories. Even supermarkets have caught on to the demand for cheaper trendy clothes. Children’s fashion from Tesco offers a great selection of reasonably priced summer wear. Just make sure your little guys are looking good and trendy!


  1. For sure more kids will be cute with these outfit.

  2. Flip flops are really a must! and hats too since it's too hot! ;)

  3. Ang cute ng mga childrens clothes, sad ,wala akong babay girl.

  4. Ayyy very cute naman! If I get some time off from blogging I'll make dresses again for my daughter hihi, will keep your tips about the boys' stuff. Thanks!

  5. I love the hat! If only my little girl could last long with a hat like that. ;))

  6. that is a nice blog and gonna attract a large segment of mums as this summer they gonna make their kids more trendy.

  7. wow, this is really nice for kids.

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  9. Awesome looks :) I can see my daughter wearing these stuff :)

  10. it is summer indeed! as much as possible we want our kids to be as comfortable as possible