Friday, May 11, 2012

Time Magazine Breast Feeding Cover with Jamie Lynn and Son

Time Magazine,Jamie Lynn Grumet,breast feeding son, controversial cover
Jamie Lynn Grumet on Time Magazine with her son Aram
Jamie Lynn Grumet, 26 years and a parenting blogger landed on the cover of Time Magazine, she was the newest face of attachment parenting for the magazine. But unlike an ordinary posing between a mom and son this cover sparks a different opinion around the netizen with negative opinion about it. Grumet was giving her nipple for his nearly 4 years old son for breastfeeding. Grument also told the magazine that she was breastfed until the age of six years old and breastfeed for his adopted son can make him at ease in trauma of bringing him home. She was hopeful that by breastfeeding him she can fulfill the relationship between a mom and a son. 

Jamie Lynn Grumet are aware that the cover on the magazine as well as the photo that she was posted on her blog can be controversial and issue for some. And she was right, the photo are now circulating around in FB and has a lot of growing number of comments on it. Some comments are like: "I wish I was the son", "I am not against with breastfeeding even how old is her son, but what I am worried about is the trauma that he will go through, if he finds out about the cover that are spread in globe", "that was child molestation" and etc.

Breastfeed is important both for mom and baby, and according to World Health Organization they are encouraging all mom to breastfeed their baby until the age of two, although there is no real rule when to stop breastfeeding.

How about you, when is the right age to stop the breastfeeding? Do you see anything wrong in the picture?
Time Magazine,Jamie Lynn Grumet,breast feeding son Aram, controvertial cover
Jamie Lynn Grumet with son Aram


  1. Hmmm, for some reason, I am not impressed with the cover.

  2. my mom said she breastfed me until 2.5 yrs and super iyak na sya kc nangangagat ako...i have a lot to be thankful for her...

    happy mother's day to all moms!

  3. I'd rather go with the second photo for the cover...the first looks so unattached and yeah, there's really something wrong to it lol

  4. I think what made the picture wrong is the kid is already big, normally I've seen mother breastfeeding babies which is few months old or one year.

  5. I have no objection to the cover.

    Honestly I would rather see a breastfeeding mom, than the women on the cover of MAXIM, or even fashion magazines, with half their boob hanging out for no good reason.

    It amazes me that people have no probelm with a bikini top so small it barely covers the nipple, but heaven forbid a breast be seen in public doing what it was INTENDED to do. After all, the exist to feed, not to titillate.

    Personally I wouldn't still be breastfeeding a child that old, but its not my breast, and its not my child, and its not hurting HER child, so more power to her!