Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lady Gaga with No Heavy Make-up

Lady Gaga, No Make-up
Lady Gaga
The image shown above was Lady Gaga, yes that's Lady Gaga with no make-up spotted at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Hongkong. She twitted this pic along with a message to her fans:
“Hong Kong show tonight! So much to do, working away like a busy bee. Ready to tear the face off this city,” 

The diva monster are sporting a black dress with a black stocking and super high heeled platform shoes. She let her skin to take a rest in putting up too much make-up and just enjoying the town, hours before her big concert in Hong Kong. 

We might not able to see her perform in Hong Kong but please do enjoy her pictures below before her concert:

Lady Gaga, No Make-up, Black dress Lady Gaga, No Make-up, Black dress 

Lady Gaga, No Make-up, Black dress
Isn't this Diva Monster can be fabulous with or without her make-up and even in these simple outfit of hers.


  1. Yeah, I think she can still be fabulous without overdoing it!

  2. i agree! she looks pretty w/o makeup. but of course lady gaga wouldnt be that unique without makeup and costumes ;)

  3. I like her with out make up, pero ang wierd parin ng shoes niya.

  4. She looks younger and fresher without heavy makeup! :) I have to agree with Carizza though. Heavy makeup and funky costumes make up her identity.

  5. I think I've seen pictures of her before without heavy make-up (other than this one) and yes, she's beautiful! :> And to me, she's still beautiful even with all her costumes and oddity elements. XD