Saturday, May 5, 2012

Kate Upton's Cat Daddy Trending Dance

Kate Upton,in Bikini, Cat Daddy

Kate Upton become trending this week because of her video "Cat Daddy" went viral from Terry Richardson. Hot bikini bod of Kate Upton is featured on the video dancing around in her tiny bikini with her attractively and healthy chest, the 19 years old supermodel dance freely with a so called "Cat Daddy" dance. The video appears on both the YouTube channel and Tumblr blog of Fashion photographer Terry Richardson. Upton wears the same swimsuit she wore on the cover of Sports Illustrated (

Kate Upton, SI cover, tiny bikini

Enjoy her pleasurable dance move as she dance "Cat Daddy". Guys please hold yourself lol!


  1. Whoooaa! Another dance moves by Kate. Grabe, she's so god damn hot! It ain't the first time Kate's decided to show off her dance moves on the Internet. :)

  2. I can't play the video, but i think it cute though... hehehe

  3. she's really a beauty. i have done several article about her and ooh my i could not help but admire her. I love her when she danced , teach me how to dougy but this dance now is just too sexy , she look like you know what. he he he.

  4. I actually watched the video and show it to my bf. Hehe. Sexy.