Thursday, May 10, 2012

Britney Spears: X-Factor Judge

Britney Spears, X-Facto Judge
Finally after a long back and fourth of anticipation and negotiating, Britney Spears finally signed the contract to be one of the panel judge in X-Factor. It was reported that Spears will get $15 million talent fees for one season, where she turned down the first offer below that amount. She will joined Simon Cowell creator of the show and LA Reid. The pop sensation are now excited to work with Cowell, and she promised to give her best to do the job, although this was new in her career. Simon Cowell think that Britney Spears will make the ratings go high. Meanwhile rumored said that Simon Cowell was still negotiating to the Disney's babies Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato for his fourth judge but still not yet confirmed.

Meanwhile Britney Spears spotted to shows her flat tummy during "Cinco de Mayo" wearing a low-waist cut off jeans and  a red midriff bearing t-shirt that shows off her tummy. Definitely she was really working hard at the gym to really get in shape. Good job Britney!
Britney Spears, flat tummy, midriff shirt
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What do you think of Britney's body now? Is she on the right path of recovering? 
Can she really fulfill the ratings for the X-Factor? 


  1. 15$m for a talent fee...whew! Yeah, looks like she's fit and proper to do the job :)

  2. ayun back na siya sa real circulation im sure naman she will help the beginner kasi she already an icon!

  3. Britney's back! Good luck to her..I think she's fit for the job! :)

  4. that is good to hear and I'm sure she will help in the ratings of the program, just like J.LO at AI

  5. I would love to slim down and I take Britney as other celebs for inspiration...