Friday, April 27, 2012

Suggested Dress for Pilates

Womans doing pilate

In connection with my post Miley Cyrus and her Fashions for Pilates, I realized how I envy her body and I admire her dedication to achieved it. Plus the benefits I will get of doing it makes me want to jump-start the day doing some repetition workout, it can stretch also our body adding a little inch in our height. 
Miley Cyrus in bikini, doing pilate
Miley Cyrus in Bikini
Demi Lovato in bikini, doing pilate
Demi Lovato in Bikini
Well maybe Miley did not want to end with the way Demi Lovato get a little bulk. But I suggest that she also start doing Pilates session especially that it can help improved her health and can withstand some stress. She can also direct it as an outlet for her tensions and stress.

Right now I am actually browsing in Youtube some video tutorials for Pilates (learning by myself lol). But wait I need to dress appropriately for Pilates, right?

Below are some suggested dress (sweatpants) for Pilates with their brand and price:
Brand Name: Juicy Couture
Price: $128
Details: 78% cotton and 22% poly, drawstring waist and has a rhinestone in front
Available colors: gray, pink, light pink, white, yellow, blue and navy
Juicy Couture
Brand Name: Lauren Moshi
Price: $119
Details: 45% cotton, 45% modal and 10% spandex, elastic waist and with interior drawstring
Available colors: black and purple
Lauren Moshi
Brand Name: Monrow
Price: $90
Details: 50% poly, 25% cotton and 25% rayon, Drawstring waist. Elastic detail at leg opening. Back slit pockets
Available colors:gray and white
Remember that its important that you wear only apparel that is design to withstand the way you move and has a durability and strength to prevent a possible rip or slit in  doing Pilate moves. Go ahead and click on the pics to select your own garments for workout.


  1. the last one is my bet for a Pilates session. I want to do it too! Ill serach in youtube as well ;)

  2. Nakaka intriga tong pilates! Maka youtube nga din minsan! Ganda nong epek kay Miley eh noh? :D

  3. I love the sweatpants. how I love to have similar of those for my gym time.:) I love how miley cyrus looks too.:)

  4. Gee, Miley Cyrus' 2 pc is so skimpy but likey! :)

  5. I love the monrow!!!

  6. I really like the outfits even the bikini... but what i like more is their that figure... how I wish I can have a body like that.

  7. I now also envy Miley's body. She's amazing, and i'm sure she works for it very hard.