Saturday, April 21, 2012

Recent Beauty Purchase: Nichido Eyebrow Kit & Powder Foundie

Today I have my beauty purchase again, and it feels like I wanted to share it to you with a little review of mine. I have bought two Nichido cosmetics: one with Eyebrow Liner Duo Kit and Powder Plus Foundation with matte finish. Each cost of only Php 238.00 or $5.60 with a total of Php 476.00 or $11.20. 

I still haven't satisfied with my eyebrow liner purchase before but this time I think I will settled for this one. We all know that when we aged our eyebrow became scattered and slowly shed that it looks bald or kinda open in far especially in women. So we will be resorted to depend on the make-up to stay attractive and beautiful or just want to have a decent eyebrows. 

Nichido Eyebrow Liner Duo Kit contains 2 shades of brown and black, easy to blend when applied and has comes with a mini tweezers and eyebrow liner brush. Though the brush was so stiff yet it can follow the right arc of my brow. Both of the color suited my fair skin.

The compact are very powdery, it easily mess in the container and its hard to brush off the excess color. My suggestion is to start with a little color only until we achieve the desire color for a more natural look.
Nichido cosmetics, Eyebrow Liner Duo Kit

Next is the foundation below. I just bought again a foundation because of just wanting it lol. But honestly I just misplace my last purchase of Nichido powder in which you can find it on my blog post here. Yes I am so forgetful lately and I need an immediate replacement because my face will produce a lot of oil if I didn't dump a powder on it. I just came from my re-bonding lock at the parlor, that I went through a lot of hot blower and numerous ironing on my hair (can you imagine my face after, you can actually cook egg on it). Below is my little review of Nichido Powder Plus Foundation.

me at the parlor, click it for larger view
The powder has formulated with UVA/UVB protection that protect our skin from harmful UV rays of the sun and can prevent us from early aging. It easily blend on my skin and the foam was so soft. It has a matte finish that is very good to have an effects on cam or the flash of cam. It comes with pouch and the packaging was superb.

For me it doesn't last long, but still good and I will definitely buy this product again.
Nichido cosmetics, Powder Plus Foundation
So what is your recent beauty purchases? Care to share!


  1. This reminds me that I have to buy sponge from Nichido. It's affordable and really lasts longer.

  2. I really love Nichido products too :)