Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fashionably Knitted Dress and Accessories

I love everything in fashions that was made carefully by different kinds of yarns and knitted especially made for the prospect wearer, it is now a new fashion trends and you can spot it anywhere you go. If  you actually know how to knit your own, you can discovers a lot of new fashionable dress or accessories out of yarns whether colorful or in monochrome colors. But if you don't then its not too late to learn, right? Who says one is too old in learning something new! Though you may find some available finish product if you wont able to make one for yourself. Who knows that these could be start of earning revenues for you, I've known a lot of talented people where they market their own skills whether by tutorial or making their own product and sell it.

Why I love everything in knitted? If it is made for clothes the garments actually follows the curve of your body. It is a good insulator too during the cold weather. But knitted are not for cold season only it can used also during summer or hot season by other finish products such as sleeveless, mini-skirt or accessories like jewelries or even bags. 

Hollywood stars such as Kristen Stewart, Jlo, Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian  are a fan of knitted products. It is a great substitute for furs that doesn't need to kill animals in the name of fashions. The product that was made by yarns today are lighter unlike before, for easy wearable results made comfortably for the wearer. 

Below are some of the celebrities who have caught to wear knitted outfits:
Emma Watson, Knitted outfit
celebrity, Knitted outfit

celebrity, Knitted outfit

And below are some of the fashionably finished product made out of yarns:

knitted shawl
Knitted Shawl
knitted sexy dress
Knitted Dress

knitted blouse
Knitted blouse
knitted bag
Knitted bag
knitted earrings
Knitted earrings
knitted skirt
Knitted Skirt
knitted mug
Knitted mug cover
knitted cp holder
Knitted mobile holder
knitted dolls
Knitted Dolls

knitted headbands
Knitted Headband

knitted swimsuit
Knitted Swimsuit

knitted ribbon ponytail
Knitted Ponytail

knitted wedding dress
Knitted Wedding Gown
knitted headdress
Knitted Head-cap
knitted necklace
Knitted Necklace
knitted bracelet
Knitted Bracelet
knitted ring
Knitted Ring
knitted mask
Knitted Mask
knitted armband
Knitted Armband
What about you, do you own one? Care to share which knitted you have?


  1. I'd love to have that Knitted mug cover. :)

  2. Very passionated.

  3. I think this is best to wear during winter so it feels warm :)

  4. i love knitted dresses. i have them in the phil and i wore them during rainy and cold days but too bad i cant wear them now as i'm living across the equator, which means super hot!

  5. my mom used to make this kind of stuffs yet she stopped doing it since she's too busy working for other things. :D

  6. LOve knitted stuffs and i was looking for khush in rob galleria wala na sila...

  7. i wish i had that talent.. i can't knit maski doiley di ko kayang gawin

  8. wow awesome.. i love to have that knitted skirt

  9. i love knitted beanies! :)they give that extra touch to the whole outfit :)

  10. woow....,very nice , great clothes.!!

  11. Awesome masterpieces. I love the pen holders.

  12. Sigh I wish I could knit. I'm good in a lot of different crafts but I'm just not a pro knitter :(

  13. I like knitted clothes too! It really defines curve and it makes my boobs larger haha!

  14. i too,liked that Knitted mug cover,& emma looks gorgeous in that outfit.nice post!

  15. This kind of stuff is used to be the income-generating of my late sister-in-law Nanet. She's very good in knitting. She earns a lot for this.

  16. I love knit tops. I remember back in college, I would save up money so I can buy Lulu Tan Gan's knitted tops. I have great admiration to the hands that created these beautiful knitted stuffs.:)

  17. So Fashionable...:)

    Love the Earrings and Rings.. So cute..

  18. Everything is beautiful but the bracelet is the best! :)

  19. love the designs and colors...
    they are timeless fashionable crafts.

  20. so cute :) love the design and colors :)

  21. I like the knitted Head-cup, necklace, bracelet and armband cool!! ^_^

  22. I like the knitted ponytail and ring. :)

  23. I like the knitted ponytail and the knitted ring. :)

  24. Knitted items are fashionable too, I see. :)