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Extreme Diet of Anne Hathaway for Les Miserables and Tips for Weight Loss

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Extreme Diet of Celebrity

Celebrity can do everything even deprive themselves just to drop a weight in an instant. They can do anything and everything in the name of their career and that's what I love about them. I even attempted to lose some weight even just a 10 pounds in an instant but it took me of almost half year to achieve it but I gain  what I lose because of inactivity or I say laziness.

Anne Hathaway was a good example of celebrities that push themselves for extreme diet for the role Fantine in the upcoming film adaptation of musical Les Miserables. The 29 years old actress with a height of 5'8" consumes only 500 calories a day versus the recommended of 2000 calories daily intake. 

Although Anne was already lean in shape, she needs to be effective for the role of portraying a prostitute stricken with a terminal case of tuberculosis. According to report besides her strict diet Anne have undergone a severe workout and exercising for two hours a day and five days a week. ( Can you handle that? )
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Connection of Weight and Metabolism

According to study starting at the age of 20's people metabolism decreases up to 5 to 10 percent per decade. No matter what people do, the average person will gain weight due to its metabolism has slowed down, which means we are burning few calories than we are younger. In order to maintain our weight and not gaining any, we need to reduce the food intake than we are younger and adjust our activity as we grow older like adding more exercise or workout in a daily basis. In which we cannot do due to the lifestyle, work,  and the food that we prepare or can't control when in stress after work.

Ways to increase Metabolism and helps us lose

  • Eat a healthy diet. Didn't you notice that all foods that we love including fast foods and sweets can dramatically add a weight on us and all foods that we seldom love or foods that we frequently avoid are the one that can boost our metabolism like fruits and green leafy vegetables which can give us some nutritious intake plus it helps us reduce in weight.
  • Breakfast. This is important not to skip because it will tend you to be hungry easily and will eat excessively after we feel hungry, the results are more calories intake for that day.
  • Eat a portion. Its okay to eat five times a day as long as it is just a portions of what we normally eat. The idea is to satisfy the hunger and prevent the urge to eat excessively.  This is also some of the celebrity do, especially that they are maintaining their body weight.
  • Eat lean protein. Your body burns more calories when digesting proteins rather than carbohydrates and fats. Preferable are low-fat protein sources such as lean meats and poultry, beans and non-fat dairy products.
  • Exercise daily. I agree more about it, I think it's a must to do. When some times that I feel not to move or laziness struck me, I feel so weak that I tend to eat more. Whereas if I do the exercise for the day I feel energetic the whole day.
  • Fidgeting. Sounds crazy but I observe it to some people, they move excessively or I feel dizzy around them, but one thing for sure they are totally slimmer than the other person with normal movement. I suspect that it is also the reason behind my son's weight.

Celebrity's body for inspiration.

I love Kate Upton body not too skinny and not too fat, her body is the normal sexy body that I know. Unlike some model that you can almost compare to a stick. In addition her boobs was a bonus to her perfect body shape.  
Kate Upton, sexy body
Kate Upton
Kate Upton, sexy body

Kate Upton, sexy body


  1. Wow! Nice weight loss article :) Keep it up!

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  9. I couldn't never deprive my body of that many calories. That's insane! I say as long as your healthy be happy with your body.

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