Friday, March 30, 2012

Marian Rivera in Cosmopolitan April 2012 Issue

Marian Rivera, Cosmopolitan, April 2012 issue
Marian Rivera for Cosmo April 2012 issue.
Frank, Funny, Fierce as she was describe on the cover, Marian Rivera is the cover issue for Cosmopolitan magazine April 2012 issue. Found at the Cosmo official FB fan-page this post received more than 1,200 likes and more than 400 comments both with fans and her anticipated haters.  The actress  wears a revealing one piece swimsuit, styled and make-up by Ana Kalaw, Happy Lopez and Robie Pinera. 

Though Marian Rivera doesn't have a twitter account her spoofed account "Superstar Marian" gave thanks to the Cosmo Magazine.  “Teynks to my Cosmo pamily por d amazing cober! im so hat! asenso ako! dati cober lng ako ng tabloyds na nagiging cober ng tinapa!”