Saturday, February 4, 2012

KC on Rogue Cover Decoded in Twitter

KC, Rogue, Decoded, Twitter
The Rogue cover magazine where KC is featured was recently decoded over the twitter. And it calls the attention of people behind Rogue where they are actually thanking the one who made it which gives a very clever meaning on its props that used in the cover. The actress re-tweeted it also.

A dissolute man in a fashionable society. In which KC's head cover the letter "g" on the title of magazine Rogue.

A reptilian representation of treachery and deceit. A snake that crawl over her hand into the head of mannequin. 

Capital punishment for noblemen guilty of treason or betrayal. KC holding a head which speculations that it was Piolo Pascual's head.

In effectual because certain basic elements, measures, etc lacking (one-legged legislation). This may be unintentional pose while most model do that makes one a slender and long in illusion view

A state of being foolish or stupid. Never-mind, but Rogue statement it shouldn't be for KC.

The decoded apparently was pointing also to KC's real life hardship in which she goes through, and also to the one who made her cry for a reason on the national television.



  1. Wawa naman si KC eh.
    Decoded na decoded talaga eh.

  2. Wow, I never expected such symbolism to be ascribed to a celebrity magazine cover! Nice one. :)

  3. Wow another sexy mag, all for the guys?