Tuesday, February 28, 2012

KC Cover in Cosmo Ph March 2012

KC Concepcion, Cosmopolitan Cover, March 2012

KC Concepcion is the cover girl again for Cosmopolitan Ph Magazine March 2012, it was obviously a summer issue of Cosmo Ph where KC wearing a two piece halter top and bikini. Although it is not as fierce as the Rogue Issue, KC shows her sweet sexy body on this cover, I also hardly recognized her on this issue of Cosmo. Get your copy now while its hot!

Photography by Mark Nicdao
Make-up by Juan Sarte
Hairstyle by Celeste Tuviera
Styled by Ana Kalaw and Happy Lopez
Bikini:  Koi
Nails by Berry Mondares of California Nails and day spa


  1. Sorry, the giveaway is US readers.
    Cool at her body.

  2. She's now posing in Rogue, Cosmopolitan and other adult magazines. I'm not sure if this would be a good turn for her career. Mostly, in the entertainment industry, artists only turn to posing naked,half-naked or in a swimsuit when they aren't that popular anymore. I was told that it is kind of like a desperate act. :/

  3. Wew i really wana buy this mag! I wana read her section in the mag. Her pose were hot! :3

  4. Lol. that wasn't KC's body... its a photoshop. try to critic the photo first.